Dennie Kids: December 14, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day for everyone this morning.  Dad encouraged Graham to tell his teachers about Chuck E Cheese-and he walked in his class screaming about his trip to Chuck E Cheese.  He was so excited that he forgot to fuss
  • Reagan and Anderson having a big day at school and then at Nonna’s house.  Reagan made 3 more angels to add to the 150 that she made yesterday.  On the way to school she said that she had made too many yesterday and wouldn’t make that many angels today.  Mom was shocked and said that she had thought they could make a garland out of the angels.  That was all Reagan needed to say she would make as many as she could.  As soon as she came home, we got to work on her garland. 
  • Graham had a big day-they had a party at his class.  Mom had to send PB and J sandwiches.  His teacher said that they even went outside-but they didn’t last too long because all of the kids started crying wanting to go in…I bet!
  • Campbell had a quick nap when she came home but then she was up and ready to help make a Christmas project (which failed).  Everyone helped and it was quite a mess. 
  • After the clean up, we were working on putting pictures in order from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.  This was simple for Reagan so Mom told her that she could be “the checker.”  Graham stood up and screamed that he wanted to be the checker.  He walked to Campbell and started lifting her shirt to smell her diaper.  He thought Mom wanted him to be the diaper checker!
  • Dad was home a little bit late, so we were all eating and reading when he came home.  Afterwards, we played and played until it was time to put on our pajamas.  Reagan did manage to change her clothes 13 times before she finally found pajamas.
  • Tonight was the first night that Campbell pulled Santa down.  She was pretty pleased with herself.  After that, it was bedtime prayers.  Oh, I wish you could hear Graham say his prayers.  It goes something like this: “my turn, my turn, THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU.  Mommy? (yes reply Reagan and Anderson) Thank you me? (yes reply Reagan and Anderson)  Thank you God….and on this continues until Mom or Dad have to encourage him to say amen.

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