Dennie Kids: December 18, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham woke up a few times in the middle of the night coughing but Campbell slept soundly.  Though when they woke up, eyes were matted shut and puffy, noses were crazy snotty and everyone felt a tiny bit warm.  So Mom, Graham and Campbell were waiting outside the clinic before 8.
  • By 8:30, Mom and the crew were headed home.  The ear that Graham said hurt had an ear infection-the doctor called it “a horrible one.”  Little Campbell had infections in both ears.  Mom and Dad think this might be her first.  Everyone was taking their first dose at lunch time.  (3 of the 4 Dennie kids are now on antibiotics-Reagan is the other since someone in her class had whooping cough)
  • Graham went with Mom to pick up the medicine and he even wanted to go out again with Mom and Reagan when they ran a few errands.  Anderson realized that if he chose to stay home, he could keep on his pajamas all day long and since he is a pajama boy he didn’t leave the house today.
  • This afternoon, we made up a few batches of reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer to eat.  We used Mom’s special recipe (things she had in the pantry): oats, red hots and glitter.  We will spread it over the yard so the reindeers will stop here. 
  • Dad had been patiently waiting since noon for his Dish man and internet man to come.  The Dish man finally came at 4 and stayed with the family until after 8.  He even had to climb into the attics-which meant Mom and Dad had to empty the pantry and empty Graham’s closet. 
  • Mom couldn’t take anymore of that excitement so she left to go grocery shopping.  Reagan and Graham couldn’t decide if they were going or not.  They changed their minds quite a few times and when they settled on not going-Mom ran out of the house before anyone could have second thoughts. 
  • Everyone stayed at home and ate on the little card table (since the table was full of Mom’s pantry items).  The boys and Campbell had macaroni and Reagan had a sandwich.  Soon Mom came home and worked on cutting everyone’s fingernails
  • Next was bath time.  Mom had to do something to stop Anderson from following the Dish man around the house,  Anderson had his tools too and was working just as hard as the Dish man.  After everyone was cleaned, medicined up, suctioned and wiped down-they all looked like the felt better.
  • Since the man was still working, Campbell ended up back in our bathroom.  Her little eyes were so puffy today that she looked pitiful but other than being a little bit tired, she has felt pretty well. 
  • After pulling Santa, it was time for bed.  Anderson was out quick and Reagan was waiting for him to go to sleep so Mom would unplug their tree so she could turn on her glow bracelet.

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