Dennie Kids: December 28, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Getting a move on things early this morning but we didn’t even have anywhere to go.  We were finished with breakfast and reading magazines by 9
  • Mom read some many books and magazines this morning that she finally had to stop because her voice was getting a little hoarse. 
  • Campbell spent her morning trying to pull up on things (her first time to really do this).  She succeeded at the train table, bathtub and the doorstop in Mom’s room (which was quite surprising and entertaining to watch since it is just an inch off of the ground)
  • During Campbell’s morning nap, we built a log cabin, played the oreo cookie game, worked a US puzzle and played hopscotch twister.  After all of that, Mom still had time to fix lunch before she woke up
  • Reagan is still going on her reading book (we are now moving ever so slowly because it has gotten harder).  Anderson wants his turn too but Mom isn’t starting it yet with him so he just retells the stories to Mom and acts like he is reading and he gets so proud of himself.
  • Reagan has now decided that she likes her naptime alone and not with Anderson so she opts to sleep on the floor of her room until time for a movie.  But Anderson falls asleep immediately if he is in Mom’s bed alone so he only gets a very short nap until Reagan comes back in. 
  • A snack and movie after nap and then out to Kroger.  We browsed the Christmas aisle but then scurried out when Anderson started riding the bikes up and down the aisle.  Next stop was Cheeburger Cheeburger.  They ate their burgers (a tiny bit) but they swallowed up the milkshakes.  Everyone was screaming for more-especially Campbell.
  • On the way home, the kids are watching a movie and then we hear Graham’s voice…”Simon says, put your hand on your head.  Simon says, put your hand down.  Simon says, put your hand in your mouth.  Put your hand down.”-Dad tried to ask him where he plays Simon says but he didn’t know.  Craziness.

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