2011 Dennie Resolutions

Well, here goes-our list of resolutions for the year 2011


1. Weigh less than 190 at Christmas

2. Read through the Bible

3. Take a hot air balloon ride


1. Have 6 family nights, 6 game nights and 6 movie nights throughout the year

2. Weigh less that I do now

3. Pray with the kids before each meal


1. Go ice skating

2. Play with our family

3. More movie nights


1. Go play putt-putt

2. Go bowling

3. Go swimming


1. Play with Mom and Dad

2. Learn go to the potty (Mom helped with this one)

3. Play with Reagan, Anderson and Campbell


1. Learn to walk

2. Meet Cinderella

3. Sleep in a bedroom with her sister


Here are our 2010 resolutions and how we did on them:


1. Lose 30 pounds-achieved 6/24 and failed 6/25-12/31

2. Read 6 books-failed (he did read 3 possibly 4)

3. Fix the front flower beds-achieved 6/19


1. Exercise 3x a week-achieved and failed (I did for a few months)

2. Read to the kids everyday-achieved (well, most days)

3. Cook a meal every other week-better but still failed


1. Learn how to read so I can read to Graham, Anderson and Campbell-achieved (she is doing really well reading)

2. Play games-achieved

3. Draw more pictures-achieved (just ask Ms. Stacy at school)


1. Go bowling-failed

2. Go to a fire station-achieved 1/9

3. Make a snowman-achieved 2/8


1. Stop screaming-failed…miserably

2. Talk more-achieved by June

3. Fly on an airplane-achieved 3 plane trips


1. Learn to eat cereal-achieved 5/28

2. See lots of states-achieved (21 total-Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Texas)

3. Have a first birthday party-achieved 12/21

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