Dennie Kids: December 29, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson and Campbell had their check ups this morning.  Dad was able to go with us and we needed all of the help we could get.  The kids were good but we do tend to get a little noisy waiting in the exam room.
  • Campbell’s ears were all good but she still needed a prescription for her bottom.  She didn’t want Dr. Martin to look at her or listen to her but did fine.  She did immediately scream when she was given her three shots but calmed quickly when Mom picked her up (though she was still a little mad)
  • Anderson talked to Dr. Martin and even said we wore our helmets when he rides his bike (he doesn’t-but we don’t ride much) and he said that apples were his favorite veggie (Mom needs to work on that concept but she was at least relieved that he didn’t say candy!”
  • Anderson had three shots-two in one leg and one in the other.  He flinched and cried a little but held it together.  Though Reagan and Graham looked on in horror-they were holding on to each other as they watched the nurse poke him and then as a tiny bit of blood dripped from his leg they started getting upset.  (Graham has been talking about Anderson’s blood dripping for the rest of the day)
  • And if Anderson hadn’t enough, Mom and Dad opted for him to have his blood drawn for an allergy test.  Dad went in the room with him as Mom and the others waited outside.  (Brought back bad memories for Mom of when Anderson was a baby and they had to retake his blood and the lab people couldn’t take it and they stuck and stuck and stuck him)  They told Anderson they were going to take his “muscle juice” out.  Dad said he flinched but then was fine but Dad saw just as the nurses when his blood stopped coming and they had to do the other arm.  When he walked out and saw Mom, he just looked pitiful.  But after 3 stickers (that he said he wasn’t going to share but he decided to anyway) and a juice box he was better.
  • Getting in the car, Anderson said that he was a “hurt boy” and couldn’t get into the car without help and then he couldn’t buckle without help.  Mom decided that a trip to Grannymom’s would make him feel better.  Then while Mom was running to Kroger she must have still been feeling bad, because she left with a few gallons of milk and a bike!  (it was on clearance)
  • Coming home and riding the bike for a few minutes in the garage-it is just the right size for Anderson now (and will work for Reagan for a bit).  Graham screamed for about an hour at naptime and Reagan and Anderson got into a fight so everyone was sent to their real beds for nap.  And then a miracle happened….everyone fell asleep-sound asleep and Mom packed like a packing fool!
  • Dad coming home and taking us all out to eat at Sams.  Anderson had an icee that he was owed and claimed it quickly.  While we were out and about, Graham told Mom and Dad that he would see them later and that he was going to take them back to jail!
  • After a few more stops we were home and everyone was tucked in bed…with visions of Dallas dancing in their heads 

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