Dennie Kids: December 26, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Since church was later this morning we had plenty of time to eat breakfast.  Campbell had most of a pop tart and all of a waffle-she is feeling much, much better.  Reagan was thrilled that she was able to wear her sparkly Christmas dress again and the boys were not to pleased that Mom put them in their sweaters again-they get so hot!
  • Dad had to get to church early so we had a bit of time to play.  We listened to the music, found Pops, had our own little Dennie storytime at the library, rode in the elevator, looked at the nativity scene and found Nonna before dropping off everyone off to their classes-it was pretty easy this morning since Nonna was working in Graham’s class
  • After church, we all headed to Nonna’s house to eat and play.  The kids are still pretty revved up from all of their gifts and were going strong.  After lunch, Reagan told Mom that there was something in her back tooth-Mom noticed something else and sent Reagan to the mirror.  She then she saw it too-she had lost her second bottom tooth.  Nonna and Pops immediately went to work searching through the 3 ears of corn she had eaten but as Mom walked by she saw the tiny tooth in her chair.  Reagan was delighted with her new missing tooth and started singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”-just a day late 
  • As soon as we came home, everyone went to bed.  Reagan and Anderson were in Mom’s room but after resting Mom turned on Princess and the Frog and Anderson decided he just wanted to go to his room.  He ended up taking a long afternoon nap
  • Reagan woke up in time to see Grannymom and Grandpa-they came over for a few minutes.  After they left, Reagan got to work on her Magic Fabric maker.  She was pretty pleased and made 2 things.  Mom and Dad got to work on taking down the Christmas tree. 
  • When Campbell woke up from her nap, she was in her pack n play fussing.  Graham came running to Mom shouting “get her out of her cage!”  After quite a bit more work and quite a bit of help, most of the house was back on order after Christmas (all except one room where Mom just shoved our Christmas presents)
  • A late supper and then bed for everyone-Reagan is trying her hardest to get Anderson to stop talking so they can go to sleep and the tooth fairy can come by

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