Dennie Kids: December 20, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • After everyone was in bed, Mom was in the kitchen and heard that dreaded sound coming from Campbell.  Mom jumped up, ran in and yuck!  Mom picked Campbell up (holding her at least 3 feet away from herself) and as they made it to the den (right in front of Dad) poor Campbell exploded again!
  • So Campbell had a bath and then Mom set her down in the kitchen while Mom worked.  Campbell just laid in the floor (looking all pitiful) until she was sick again!  Mom was sewing and when she jumped up to help Campbell her sewing project was in her hand…and then she used it to catch Campbell’s mess. 
  • After a clean up, everyone headed on to bed-especially since Mom was now finished sewing!  Campbell went to sleep without a fuss but Graham woke up quite a few times during the night.  He was just ready to wake up. 
  • Thankfully, we were able to sleep in Dad woke up a few minutes before it was time for him and Reagan to leave for school. They made it just as her class was going to the hallway to sing.
  • Campbell woke up feeling okay (she is still not 100% but better than she has been)  Mom thinks the antibiotic and all of the snot (sorry) are messing up her tummy.  But she still has that cough.  Mom called the nurse today but she said to give it another day or two.  Though Campbell did perk up later in the day
  • Anderson and Graham spent the morning following Mom around and helping her clean the bathrooms.  Anderson told Mom that he would sweep and when ever she came back into the bathroom she would catch him looking at himself in the mirror while lifting the broom like a weight-craziness!
  • Soon it was time to get in the car to pick up Reagan and then we were off to the Wonderplace.  Reagan said that waiting on Mom in the carpool line was “easy peasy lemon squeezy”  Graham was so excited when he saw Reagan coming to the car. 
  • We met Dad and headed into the Wonderplace.  This was the first time that Campbell was big enough to crawl around and do what she wanted.  She stayed with Dad in the baby section forever.  Then she ended up playing in the grocery store area with the rest of the gang.
  • Reagan’s favorite was the grocery store, Anderson loves the cars and trains but seemed to spend alot of time at the sand today, Graham doesn’t really have a favorite yet but enjoys it all.
  • Campbell donned her birthday hat and we sang Happy Birthday to her.  She knew she was the center of attention and she ate it up.  She smiled, clapped and had a big time.  After everyone else blew out her candle she rounded her lips like she was going to blow it out
  • All good things must come to an end and Campbell caused us to leave a few minutes early.  After Dad left, Mom told the kids when we would have to go but just a little bit before then, Mom reached down to pick up Campbell…but she was soaked!…and it wasn’t pee!  Needless to say, we headed to the car and scurried on home
  • Campbell had a bath and then Graham and Campbell took a nap.  Anderson and Reagan were going to get to stay up in Mom’s bed but since they had a fight about who could move the bicycle in the garage (pushing and shoving) they were sent to different rooms for nap time.  Mom took advantage of the quiet time and worked on Campbell’s cake.
  • Before Dad came home, we worked on a little Christmas project and after Dad got home, we finished our gingerbread house.  The kids could have added candy to eat forever.  They loved it.  Next year, we are going to buy the little ones, so everyone can have their own house. 
  • Our plan was to eat a Chilis but the 45 minutes wait scared us off.  So we just made our order to go.  After the ride home when Campbell decided to spew we were thankful that we were in our car and not inside the restaurant.  (This probably was due to the fact that Mom had given her a bottle on the way to Chilis and Dad gave her one, not knowing of the earlier one, while Mom was waiting for the food)
  • Reagan was not pleased that we were not eating at a restaurant so after we came home the Dennie Restaurant was opened for business (actually it was opened after Mom gave Campbell a bath and after Dad cleaned the car seat).  Dim lights, a black sheet, 3 candles and some music was all we needed to open the restaurant.
  • Reagan said that the Dennie Restaurant was the best she had ever eaten out (except for the peanut place)  The kids ate all of their food and even begged for Mom to open the restaurant another night.  It is just the little things in life! Thought if you look at the pictures, you will notice that the boys decided to take off their shirts-that is something we don’t often do in restaurants.
  • Mom knew Campbell didn’t need anything to eat but also knew she needed some food to possibly help her medicine stay down….didn’t work!  She is on a pretty good 11 pm spew pattern for the last 3 nights.  But after a bath she is just as happy as she can be.  Hopefully, the poor little thing will feel lots better in the morning.

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