Trash to Treasure

I had seen this on a few blogs and thought the girls needed a new spiffy kitchen.  I finally found a suitable nightstand and snatched it up.  I was a little uneasy wondering if my 6 dollar nightstand from Savers could look as cute as the pictures I had seen of this project but it didn’t disappoint.

Of course, we didn’t take any before pictures but just imagine a dark brown old nightstand with one drawer missing-that is what Robby saw when I brought it home.  Soon, the plans were drawn and I started gathering my supplies and getting my handyman on board.  I think that James was doubting the plan at first too (I did have some doubts after it was all painted white) but he did an awesome job.  Of course, I can’t do any of the handiwork but he did it just like I would want. 
He cut the hole for the sink, put on a back board, installed the faucet (a screaming deal on amazon-shipped for 13 bucks), hung the shelf, pictures, hooks and chalk board.  Also, he took the front off of the drawer and made it into an oven drawer along with putting on a new handle.  I am sure there is something that I have forgotten but it did turn out pretty great -- all for about $40!

Oh, I can’t wait for Reagan and Campbell to see it!

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