Dennie Kids: December 22, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • The kids spent the first part of the morning playing tent in the kitchen.  Mom put the big black sheet over the table and we had our sleeping bags down too.  The even had breakfast in there.  Everyone finally had to get out a few minutes after Campbell came along….
  • Campbell’s tummy is still not back to normal.  She abundantly filled her diaper and many parts of the kitchen floor (including their tent) this morning.  Other than a few messy mishaps, she is pretty much back to her old self.  We will see though how the night goes since she has taken her new antibiotic tonight
  • Grannymom called and asked if we wanted to go to Rock Creek (she only gave us a 15 minute warning) but we managed to all get our clothes on (Mom was the only one ready), unlaod the dishwasher and pick up downstairs before leaving.  Trust me, that is some pretty quick moving.  The kids move fast when you mention Rock Creek
  • We weren’t the only other ones with that idea.  Along with Lilly and Cash, Reagan had Noah and Alyssa Kate from her class to play with and Graham had Caroline from his class to play with.  At one time, Mom was able to count 50 people at the bottom so at least 80 were there.  Pretty wild but Campbell had a blast sliding down the tiny slide.  Once you put her up there, she would scoot, scoot, scoot to the edge and then slide down. 
  • When we made it home, we had our lunch, said our Bible verses, did a worksheet and even worked on a Christmas project (Mom is thinking that this one isn’t going to work out either-poo).Sometime during the middle of our project, Mom looked over and Campbell was snoozing in her chair.  She had missed her morning nap and now was pretty tired.  We just let her sleep there until it was time for nap and then she was moved to her bed-and she still was the last one up.
  • Dad came home during nap time and everyone was glad to see him.  We ran a few errands this evening and even ended up at Burger King and the kids were able to slide a few times.  There was a birthday party happening there-Reagan was more interested in watching the girl open her presents than anyone else.  We were sitting so close to the party that Mom thought they might just get a piece of cake or a goodie bag to take home
  • Coming home for a few minutes of play time.  Anderson and Reagan used his nerf gun to shoot down Mom’s nativity people.  Oh, well, at least they were playing nicely together-even if they were shooting the 3 Wise Men.
  • I forgot to mention, the other day, Dad brought home flowers for Campbell’s party and Anderson so them and shouted “are those for Mom?” and then he made a big deal about bringing them in and handing them to Mom.  He might just be quite the lady’s man.

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