Dennie Kids: December 15, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Pajama morning for all of the Dennie kids.  Mom and Dad had eye doctor appointments so Nonna came over to play for a few minutes.
  • On a side note-Mom and Dad have always thought it was strange that their contact prescription is the same.  But today, Mom was a little bummed that her prescription changed from Dad’s prescription even though her eyes had improved.  But after Dad’s appointment he called to say that his eyes had improved too and their prescription is still the same…weird stuff
  • Everyone doing a worksheet that Dad printed off.  They had to glue to people and animals to different spots on the paper.  Mom was quite surprised that Graham did it without a problem.  Anderson didn’t want to do it at first but he did is correct too. 
  • Nonna stayed and played for awhile so she was able to read books to Graham who only sits still for Thomas books, color with Reagan who wrote a zillion stories to read to Dad, play trains with Anderson who loved making new tracks and cuddling with Campbell who loves any attention that she can get!
  • Lunch at our card table and chairs.  The boys got the table legs out and started using them as swords before Mom found them and encouraged them to put the table together for lunch.  Everyone at lunch and then continued sitting at the table while Mom read book after book
  • Playing airport before nap.  Look at the pictures-do you notice their backpacks are under the seats?  Anderson is busying himself reading a magazine.  Graham kept asking for the snack lady and he sat in his seat forever-must have thought he was buckled in!
  • Nap time for Campbell and Graham.  Reagan and Anderson worked on their workbooks and then read a few more stories before resting for a minutes or two.  Then everyone worked on getting their clothes on for church-it is tough changing out of your pajamas when you have had them on until 4 in the afternoon
  • Beating Nonna to church tonight and then enjoying dinner with Nonna, Uncle Jason, Bro Paul and even Pops for a few minutes.  Next it was time for Cubbies.  Graham made an ornament in his class and as Mom was dropping off Campbell she had a huge pouty face!…pitiful!

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