Dennie Kids:December 16, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Dad left for work early this morning so everyone was scrambling to get up and ready on time since we were all sleeping when he left.  We did make it everywhere on time-even though Mom had to go back home to fetch the camera
  • Graham and Campbell spending the morning at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house.  They had a big time-Campbell spent her day eating everything Grannymom could give her and Graham enjoyed reading lots of stories
  • Reagan and Anderson had their Christmas parties at school.  Mom left work early (don’t tell Dad) to go.  She spent her time bouncing from room to room for the parties.  Reagan’s class ate fancy cookies, played a bell game and colored a picture.  Anderson’s class decorated cupcakes, played pin the star on the tree and grabbed something out of the stocking
  • Reagan left her class with handfuls of goodie bags from all of her friends.  She later asked why Mom was there and didn’t have goodie bags for everyone (Mom didn’t know that was the thing to do)
  • Picking up Graham and Campbell from Grannymom’s house and coming home to read a few stories.  Before long, the backpacks came back out and were filled with their stuff and they were boarding the plane to Alaska (yesterday, Reagan told Graham that he couldn’t bring his sandals to Alaska-Mom had packed them in his bag since they were the first shoes she grabbed)
  • Nap time for the little ones while Reagan and Anderson played.  Mom had to run to the doctor real quick for a check up so Grannymom came over.  While she was there, everyone played a few games. 
  • Soon Mom was back and everyone was ready to go outside and play.  They braved the cold for a little bit and then back inside we went to put on pajamas.  After supper, Dad came home and Mom left for Bunko. 
  • This evening everyone played, watched a movie and pulled Santa down.  Graham and Campbell have pretty good little colds and are both coughing machines.  It is all quiet now so hopefully everyone will rest well.
  • I forgot to mention the other day at the Nutrition Center, the clinician asked Anderson to “hop up on the scale”-and he did…all 50 pounds of him hopped on the scale!

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