Dennie Kids: December 17, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Mom had just told the kids that it was going to be a pajamas day when Ms. April called so we kicked it up in to high gear to get ready.
  • Reagan was delighted when she came downstairs.  One of Mom’s friends had sent over some clothes so Reagan was dressed in new clothes from head to toe. 
  • Before we left, everyone was encouraged to pick up a few things (possibly for a candy reward) and the house was straighter than it had been in forever
  • Meeting Jacob and Ethan at the Laman Library to see the trains.  On the way, Mom had the GPS on and Graham asked if we were going to a hotel.  He was disappointed that we weren’t.
  • We had to search out to find the trains in the library but it was worth the find.  There were 2 model trains going around many different tracks.  The kids had a blast-especially the boys.  After Reagan watched for a few minutes, she was ready to go back downstairs to color on the coloring sheets she had seen.  The boys could have stayed forever.
  • After the library, we headed to Walmart and Sams.  We picked up plates for Campbell’s birthday and then waited on our medicine while eating hot dogs.  We then walked around looking for Dad a Christmas gift-batteries, a Christmas plate and a lazy susan were all suggested.  We couldn’t settle on anything so will have to work on it some more. 
  • Taking Anderson back downtown to meet Dad at work.  He had to go back to the Nutrition Center to re-do his brain lab.  The poor guy could have cared less about hitting the button when he saw flowers on the screen today.  That is the same thing that happened the other day. 
  • He didn’t get to slide afterwards, but Dad did buy him a Sonic drink and then they went back to Dad’s work for awhile.  He colored, shot a rubber band gun, explored the kitchen area and thought it was cool Dad could eat breakfast in a tall chair at work.  Big time stuff for a little boy!   He did not want to leave and Dad could not wait to leave!
  • Dad and Anderson coming home and then everyone heading out to pick up a pizza and then dropping by Nonna and Pops to eat.  Nonna and Pops were wondering if we would all be wearing matching shirts telling news when we arrived, but no, we just needed a place to eat our pizza!
  • Hanging out with Pops and Nonna until bedtime.  Poor Campbell and Graham’s colds have gotten worse today.  They both have coughs, runny noses and yucky eyes.  Graham did tell Dad that his ear hurt tonight so hopefully we can get in to the doctor tomorrow.
  • After we left Nonna and Pops, we decided to try Skype-ing with them. The kids thought it was so funny to see them on the screen.  They watched us pull our Santa down and soon everyone was in bed…and little coughing is happening now!

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