Dennie Kids: December 27, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Dad went to work this morning and the rest of us hurried around to get our clothes on so we could go shopping.  Even though we were ready early, we didn’t manage to leave the house until after 10.  Campbell was too busy eating, Reagan was busy playing with her zhu zhu pet and the boys were busy with the stomp rocket
  • We shopped a little at Walmart buying containers so Mom could put all of our tiny little pieces out of Campbell’s reach but we also made a trip through the Christmas stuff.  Mom found the perfect paper plates for Campbell’s birthday party next year.  Then she spotted the napkins and Reagan was ecstatic about the find.  She was just beside herself when the paper cups showed up too.
  • Back home, Campbell had a nap and Mom worked on the den while everyone else worked against Mom.  Eventually, the den and Christmas presents were fairly well put up (except for one laundry basket).  We had lunch next, read lots of book but the kids seemed to only remember the part of one when a man had a clothes pin on his nose
  • After lunch, we tried to read some more-Graham went upstairs to watch the fish in his room and Reagan and Anderson started wrestling with Campbell.  Mom shut the book and sent everyone to bed-Anderson and Reagan ended up in separate rooms and Mom eventually had to wake Anderson up when Reagan wanted to watch a movie (he smiled, looked at Mom and said “I just needed a little short rest”)
  • Dad was home soon and supper was soup and cheese dip for everyone.  The kids spent the rest of the evening playing.  Graham did ask if Belle could come in and open her Christmas present.  Dad said yes and brought her in but Reagan and Anderson didn’t see her come in.  So Mom in her meanness encouraged Dad to let Belle go near them…even though Belle just passed them by they stood up, screaming and running.  Mom and Dad were laughing so hard they were crying and Reagan and Anderson were so upset they were crying.  Reagan said she thought it was a big brown bear. 
  • After everyone calmed down and changed their pants (ha) the kids enjoyed petting Belle and opening her Christmas present.  Campbell set in her seat the entire time and just watched everything with her big blue eyes. 

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