Dennie Kids: December 23, 2010

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  • Since Dad was off today, everyone was downstairs following him around this morning.  Before long we were heading out for a little last minute Christmas shopping.  We even stopped at Kroger and Dad ran in.  He later came back out with a shopping cart full but then Mom had to go in because Dad had forgotten to get the only 2 things that were on his list!
  • We ran by Grannymom’s so Mom could work a little bit on one of the girls’ presents (more on that another day).  Cash was over and the kids enjoyed playing monster with him.  Grannymom and Grandpa came over to our house for lunch-more soup.  Graham was so glad to have an excuse to get the card table out-he loves putting it together
  • Yesterday, Mom was calling Anderson her “hero” because he had seen Campbell near the edge of the steps and he called Mom while placing himself between her and the steps.  Today, Reagan had to do the same thing.  Mom is going to have to put a lock on that gate so Graham can’t open it himself and leave it open.
  • Reagan and Anderson worked on their train track in the living room and then worked on a Christmas project until it was time for naptime.  Anderson had to go to bed a few minutes early but he must have been tired because he didn’t put up a fuss.  Reagan did some of her workbook and Graham screamed forever until he finally calmed down for his nap (unusual but Dad being home might have changed his routine)  Campbell slept well but she had spit up pretty good at needed a bath when she woke up.  Her tummy still isn’t 100% and now her little bottle is sore too
  • Going out to look at Christmas lights.  Our first place was Burns Park.  The kids were amazed at all of the lights.  Campbell was even talking.  The favorites were the light tunnel and the snowflake tunnel.  Next was a quick bite to eat at Sonic and then to the capitol.  We weren’t going to get out since it was late but decided to anyway.  The kids enjoyed the snowflakes and the bridge.  Reagan was interested in the marble walls and wondered how they didn’t slip down.  Anderson was intrigued with where the “judgers” sat.

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