Dennie Kids: December 8, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson woke up in the middle of the night around 1.  He asked to get into Mom’s bed but she looked at the clock this time and told him no.  But somewhere between the time he left for the bathroom and came back from the bathroom, Mom ended up in his bed.  She didn’t wake til 5 and then headed back to her bed
  • Nonna was at the house bright and early while Mom and Dad were still scrambling getting everything and everyone ready. 
  • Mom and Anderson headed off to the Nutrition Center for his 4 year old appointment.  He did absolutely great.  He did exactly what they wanted him to do-well, as well as a 4 year old boy can! 
  • In the psych testing, he answered question after question until he finally started saying “I don’t know, I don’t know.”  But some of the questions he would know the answer too and he literally would shout it out.  One was “a person who dances is called a…” and he knew the answer-a princess!  Another was “a bike is fast, a car is faster and an airplane is the…?”  “FastERest”
  • During the brain lab, he would get a little bit bored and start moving around some.  One of the tasks was watching a video which flashed different pictures and he was supposed to push a button when he saw a picture of a flower.  He lasted a few minutes with that and then he started trying to take the batteries out of the button. 
  • His favorite activity was playing in the play room.  That crazy little boy took the ride on toys to the top of the slide and slid down while riding the toys.  Mom could hardly look as he did it but since the floor was padded and we were at the hospital she thought she would let him
  • Anderson weighed 47 pounds.  Yep, that is right.  And not surprisingly he is on the greater than the 95th percentile range.  Dr. Martin won’t be pleased!  He has the Dennie gene!
  • Meanwhile, Nonna, Reagan, Campbell and Graham were playing lots and lots of stuff at home.  They even had a big lunch and Graham was waiting by the door when Anderson came home wanting to go outside.  We played outside until it was time for Nonna to leave.  While we were outside, Campbell figured out how to crawl down the step going outside and then she crawled right toward Belle’s doghouse. 
  • Graham was not happy at all that it was time to come in.  He was soon put to bed.  While Graham was screaming, Mom tried to read a book to Anderson and Reagan.  Soon the screaming stopped and then Graham came out of his room and said a tiny sweet voice “Momma, I can’t get in my bed”-he must have been trying to climb back in his bed so he would get into trouble after climbing out!
  • Naps for the little ones while Reagan and Anderson hung out in Mom’s bed.  Soon Graham woke up and needed some cuddle time with Mom.  Then everyone was downstairs getting ready for church tonight.  After supper with Nonna and Jason and a little bit of time playing on the Awana circle, we headed to class.
  • Graham still loves seeing the puppets and walks right into his class.  Campbell has had a runny nose most of the day and might have felt a tiny bit warm, so she stayed in her buggy and crawled around with Dad.  She did pick up Dad’s coke and try to drink out of it-needless to say, she missed her mouth and went home in soaking wet clothes!

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