Happy Birthday Anderson: December 13, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • It was birthday day for Anderson so Dad even took off of work to celebrate all day long with us.  Though Anderson didn’t feel all that hot-he has a pretty good cough which almost sounded similar to his asthma attack a few months ago.  Mom had his doing his breathing machine off and on all day and even called for an appointment but they didn’t have one.  He would say he didn’t feel all that well and then in a few minutes he would perk up.  But he still had a pretty good birthday.
  • Dad took Reagan to school this morning.  And she must have used every piece of paper there to color on-she even said that she found some paper on the floor and colored on it too.  Maybe Mom should buy the girl some colors! Ha!
  • Campbell spent her morning getting into the tupperware cabinet, following the boys around the house, playing with her crawl through house and destroying the train track.  She stays right up with everyone else. 
  • Anderson and Graham spent their morning playing with all of Anderson’s birthday presents still.  When Mom picked up Reagan from school, they came home for lunch and then everyone played with the parachute.  When we do this, Campbell crawls underneath it and stays there just kicking her feet
  • During nap time, Dad and Reagan ran some errands and Mom woke Anderson up.  He was coughing pretty good, so she woke him up before he made himself sick.  Before long it was time to leave for the evening adventure.
  • Dad had a few errands to run so we ended up at the mall.  As we were eating our Chick-fil-a, Santa walked past us and waved.  And then right behind Santa was a police officer on a segway.  Reagan said “maybe it’s a parade”
  • Our next stop was Chuck E Cheese.  Anderson picked it as his special place to go to.  About 3 visits ago, Dad bought a ton of tokens and we have just been going back spending our tokens and not eating there.  We did the same tonight.  The kids had a blast.  Dad passes them out the money when ever the ask and they feel so big doing any game they want.
  • At one point, Anderson was asking “who has the bank?” –he was trying to find who was holding the tokens.  After playing and earning lots of tickets, we cashed them in from the tonight and from the last few visits. 
  • Did you see the pictures of Reagan and all of the tickets she won?  (We are taking her to Vegas-seriously, in February)  Guess what she was able to buy with those….a tootsie roll and a fruit roll up!  Everyone left with 2 items and you would have thought they had won the lottery
  • When we arrived home, it was cake time.  Since we had a spare dino cake from the birthday party, Anderson had more candles to blow out.  They ate their cake and climbed into bed.  All is quite upstairs (no coughing) so maybe everyone will sleep well tonight

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