Branson-December 1, 2011

Even in December, Andy's
Custard is still YUMMY!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Somehow we were all still in bed at 7:20 this morning but we did manage to stir quickly to leave fairly on time.  Robby took the boys to school and then headed back home to work from home.  I took the girls to Grannymom's house and then headed to work for a bit.  After my work I went to see Beebee and then to pick up the girls.
  • Reagan and Campbell had made wreath ornaments made out of beads.  I opened the one from Reagan and then the one from Campbell.  Within 30 seconds, Campbell had lost her ornament.  We couldn't find it and had looked everywhere.  Grannymom continued to search all afternoon to find that ornament.  What could that child have done with that ornament.
  • When we picked up Graham and Anderson, Ms. Wendolyn asked if Graham was going straight to Branson.  She also said that he was very hungry and thought Pops was picking him up from school today.  "I'm hungry" is what Graham says anytime he is not happy about something, bored or can't think of something to say.
  • We all went home and had lunch and since we were in a bit of a rush at breakfast the kitchen was still a mess from breakfast and after lunch it took me quite awhile to clean up the kitchen.  Seriously, I think that they are going to have to start eating outside.  
  • While I was working in the kitchen, the kids watched a movie and then they worked on picking up the toy room.  Campbell was exhausted and needed a nap but I kept her up so she would sleep in the car.  Graham also wasn't too settled since he could tell we were about to leave.  I do love going on trips but I do not like leaving in the middle of the day.  We are always home long enough to destroy the house which then has to be picked up before we leave.  
  • When Graham saw all of the bags, suitcases, coats and everything else sitting on the kitchen table, he decided that we needed the roof bag and questioned me continuously about why we were going to use it.  Actually, it was alot of stuff but it all fit very nicely.  
  • As we were loading the car, Anderson asked if Branson was the place with the monorail (no) or the log ride (no).  Finally they were able to remember where we were going.  And talked about what rides everyone was going to do-Reagan the swings, Anderson the roller coaster and Graham the pirate ship.
  • Reagan thought that Grannymom, Lilly, Cash and Dana were coming to Branson in an airplane and she was not happy that we were not going flying as well.  I explained that they were driving too and then all that mattered was that our car beat their car.   It didn't because they left before we did.  
  • We didn't stop until Harrison and picked up a few loaves of bread and had a potty stop.  The kids did pick out cookies and had those before starting in on our bread.  As always it was delicious-and I think I will get some now!
  • When we pulled up the motel, Anderson was so excited when Robby went to check in.  "We will get a cart and get to ride on it"  It didn't happen quite that way since we backed right up to our door. The kids were so happy to go and find Cash and Lilly's room.  They all played together for a long time and then we all headed to get ice cream.
  • Surprisingly, there were not alot of people at Andy's Custard in the middle of December.  No one was eating outside but since they had nice little heaters, we had our ice cream.  The kids devoured their mint ice cream and Robby and I split one. 
  • After ice cream, we headed back to the hotel and the kids all claimed their spots.  Keaton had another bottle and went to sleep in her pack n play in the tub, Reagan, Anderson and Graham were asleep within minutes but it took Robby and I both to lay on Campbell to finally get her to sleep.  We actually just managed to get us to sleep too and had to get up later to get ourselves ready for bed.

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