December 23, 2011

"Dad, this is cool!"
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Hmm, somehow I don't recall last night at all.  I think everyone slept in their own beds and I don't really remember us having to get up.  Oh, I did go upstairs once because Graham was coughing and then started checking on everyone else-covered Campbell up, Anderson sleeping sideways like always, Reagan not on top bunk, looked on bottom and she was sitting up staring at me through all of her countdown chains.  I jumped and luckily got my hand to my mouth before I let our a shriek.
  • The party started at 6 this morning but Robby and I were able to lay around until 8.  Notice I didn't say in bed-he went to the kids room and I alternated between the bed and the floor depending on who was in my bed.  
  • The plan for the day consisted of taking the kids shopping to buy presents for each other.  Robby said that this sounded like...not alot of fun.  He was dreading it so that he only took us to Walgreens to shop.  (Probably a good idea because there was a limited about of things to look at and most were in their price range).  If you have ever been shopping with Reagan then you would realize why he was worried.  
  • We walked in Walgreens-the girls with me and the boys with him.  The girls were the first to the toy aisle, we walked halfway down it and Reagan knew what they would like and we put it in our buggy and thought we had done great.  So, the boys were next down the aisle.  Robby said they were interested in looking for the girls gifts for about 30 seconds and then they were done.  Though Graham did see what we bought him sitting on the shelf and begged Robby to buy it for him.  All this while he was throwing as many girl things in the cart that he could (I guess he was really shopping for them since usually no one puts anything in the cart but me).
  • Now, Anderson, he saw what Graham saw and said he didn't like it.  Goodness, that is what we had bought him.  Reagan and I had already paid when Robby let me in on that info.  After the boys (actually just Robby) picked the girls gifts, I walked everyone to the car and said "boys, did you see the ____?" And Anderson said "yep, but I don't want that."  I then looked at Reagan's face and she had the look of disappointment all over it.  I got everyone in the car, while Robby was checking out and Reagan and I waiting on him so we could run in and exchange Anderson's gift.  We aren't shopping at the same stores next year.  Hope he is not that picky Christmas morning because Santa does not have him specifically what he asked for.  Oh, one year Reagan did not get a pink cat from Santa and was devastated.  Seriously, it was horrible and I cringe when I see the video of Christmas with her dumping out her stockings and tearing open her presents looking for that car.  (In Santa's defense-she got a dog that rolled over with pink clothes and the pink cat was a pretty new request and if I remember correctly, Santa did have a 3 day old baby)  Makes me sick thinking about it.
  • I then ran into Target while everyone else went to Chick Fil A to spend their "credit cards" (gift cards).  They all had shakes and kiddie meals.  This left enough leftovers for Robby and I to have lunch while the kids played on the slide.  I sat Keaton's carrier up against the glass and she just watched the movement of all of the kids and would grin.  It won't be long before she is in their hot on Campbell's trail.
  • Another stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond and then to Grannymom's house to pick up some presents living in their attic.  The kids played a bit and then we headed home.  Campbell took a nap as soon as we made it home and Graham tried to rest but was up in no time (though his sickly little self did need a nap).
  • The excitement was the man coming to do a perk test on our ground for a future additional septic tank.  The boys were in heaven watching the men work and seeing the digger dig.  Reagan said "Boys just don't like the same things as girls" and she seemed to have no interest in the large piece of machinery outside.  Our addition bid came in much, much more than what we were expecting so those plans are all very up in the air right now but this will eventually have to be done whatever we do since our current tank is probably nearing 40 years old (though no one knows since no one can find it)
  • When they were finished, Reagan and Anderson watched a movie, Campbell was still sleeping, Keaton ate and I scratched Graham's back and he was asleep in a minute.  Before too long, we all loaded up and headed to the Capitol to see the lights.  No one was happy about going.  Especially Reagan who shot Anderson with a nerf gun seconds after I told her not too-she didn't get a candy cane for the trip like everyone else.  You would have thought she missed out on her inheritance by the way she acted.  
  • They were pretty impressed by the Capitol-or maybe it was all of the steps.  We walked around inside and Graham remembered from last years Capitol trip about when Robby worked there.  Next up was supper at David's Burgersand the kids could have just eaten the fries and been completely happy.  
  • Back at home, we pulled Santa, Snoopy and did the nativity. Then Campbell went to bed and the rest of us started watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Graham watched about half and then asked to go to bed.  He doesn't feel that great with his cough so hopefully his medicine will kick in tomorrow.  By the time Reagan and Anderson went to bed, the other two were asleep and no one made any sounds.  

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