December 6, 2011

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Hat Team!
  • It we nearly 9:30 last night and Robby and I were downstairs watching tv, probably eating and talking.  I think I had walked into the next room and was getting something when I heard Robby exclaim "what are you doing out of bed?"  You have to understand that our kids don't get up out of bed (except for Graham in the morning) and for him to see someone standing behind him frightened Robby.  So his "what are you doing out of bed?" was a bit loud and this caused poor Graham to almost begin sobbing.  Robby has scared him too.  We had forgotten to get the monitor and bring it into the living room with us and Graham had been calling for us to turn of the Christmas tree and turn on their fish.  
  • They all slept well and even Keaton slept all night.  That girl is a sleeper.  She will sleep for crazy long stretches during the day.  I have actually started to wake her up sometimes because I don't want her sleeping too long.  She did wake up with a yucky nose like everyone else.  It was only a bit runny and she did fine during the day and didn't act like she felt sickly.  
  • The boys went to school.  Ms. Stacy wasn't there and Anderson had a sub.  He did say he had a good day though but the boy could not understand why he was taking his homework back a day early (collecting 6 of something and putting it in his bag).  I tried to explain that it was a good idea to get it finished early and just put it in his cubby so it would be there waiting in Thursday.  I am doing my best trying to turn my kids into list making, always prepared and organized people!  I think I am succeeding with Reagan but not so much with the boys.  
  • Reagan, Campbell and Keaton went to Nonna and Pops' house today.  And when I picked the boys up, we went over there to have lunch and they played London Bridges, limbo and duck, duck, goose before we could go home.  We did make it home just in time because Grannymom and Grandpa were coming over with our headboard.  At the Gamble house, it was attached to the wall and had to be surgically removed.  So it needed a few modifications to be able to stand alone since we can't make any holes in the walls at this house (Robby's rule).
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa left, Campbell took her nap and Graham laid down.  So Reagan started on her school work and I loaded Anderson down with school work too.  Don't feel too sorry for him since it took him about 20 minutes.  Reagan finished hers and was happy to see a puzzle for her to work on in her last school box.  She did that and by now Graham was up and worked a puzzle.
  • Until supper, they laid by the Christmas tree watching the monorail go around and playing with their tiny Mickey Mouse house set.  I would have to intervene occasionally and gently remind them not to touch it.  (occasionally! ha!! more like every 30 seconds).  After supper, they all played rather quietly upstairs.  We told them to pick up and then they came down for our Christmas countdown and prayers.
  • We went upstairs to tuck everyone in and saw it...all the stuffed animals dumped out (2 huge laundry baskets full), all the pillows off the bed (8), all the comforters off the bed (4) and all of the blankets off the bed (6).  There was no airplane tonight and there was not even teeth brushing (Graham was the most horrified by this saying "but my teeth will fall out").  
  • They all know taking things off of the beds makes me crazy so that is the reason they were in so much trouble.  Usually they only do this when they have company (probably so I can't beat them since we have guests).  At Thanksgiving, I made it very clear that they could not take the covers off of their beds and specifically told Reagan to tell anyone that her Mom said no.  Dana overheard Reagan telling Cash in a very stern, motherly voice "My Mom said not to do that and you can't do that."  They do listen sometimes!  
  • After Robby and I cleaned up their mess, we decided that we would indeed let them sleep with their covers-we did debate not letting them have anything but opted against it.  Probably because we are still feeling a little bad from the few days that we forgot to turn the heat on upstairs and it was rather chilly in the middle of the night for the kiddos.    

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