December 21, 2011-Campbell's Birthday

Happy Birthday Campbell!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Pretty early this morning, I overheard Anderson on a pretend phone saying "Santa, sorry we said stupid. Yea, we won't say it again."  I hope Santa heard him because Santa is has already done his shopping and saw the return line at Walmart the other day.
  • Campbell got a new princess doll for her birthday and Reagan has claimed that (as well as her other doll she received, the boys have claimed her legos).  Anyway, Reagan was playing with all of the similar princesses in her room and was just listening to her talk to them and thought she probably won't play dolls much longer-makes me sad.
  • And then Graham came over to Reagan and said "let me see their bootys."  Um, what?  Yes, I looked over to see her showing him all of their bootys.  What in the world?  
  • At least once every day the kids hear the washer/dryer/dishwasher or something and shout "Daddy's home" thinking they hear the garage door.  It cracks me up every time because we don't have a garage door at this house.
  • Poor Graham now has Campbell's cough.  I hope that is the reason why he fussed most of the morning long and not just because he is becoming a fussy little boy.  I overlooked the fussing because of his cough but probably won't have that much patience tomorrow.  After one coughing fit, he whined "I have the bad coughs."  Reagan said "and you have a bad cold" and this led to a huge screaming match-him saying I don't have a cold and her saying a cough is a cold.  Oh, my-hope I put those ear plugs on my Christmas list.
  • I managed to straighten the house, do two loads of laundry, dust, empty the trash, laminate a few things and maintain some peace today.  So I have to call it a successful morning.  Oh, I laminated our lego instructions-should have done that long ago.  Campbell likes to rip them and then the boys tear them to pieces to haul around the room in their trash trucks.  This way, they won't get too destroyed and the kids can follow the directions and build things more than once. 
  • We then had lunch, Campbell had a short nap, the big 3 watched a movie and Keaton took a few cat naps.  Before too long, I was snatching Campbell out of bed and we were headed to the Wonderplace.  We try to do one special outing for each of the kids birthdays-one special outing and one special out to eat place.  We did them both today-Wonderplace and Larrys.  
  • Wonderplace was fairly empty to that was nice and the kids mostly stayed together while we were playing.  That helped but Campbell loved playing in the water-loved it.  Her shirt was wetter than her diaper when we left.  I had to stay pretty close to her since I could just see her falling in the water.  One little girl kind of followed us around and while Anderson was putting on a play, he came out in a pirate suit and growled at that little girl.  She ran and hid and we didn't see too much of her afterwards.  Reagan enjoyed the art center the best but everyone spent a long time playing blocks and sand.  
  • The place closed at 5 and we then headed to meet Robby at Larrys.  The kids were all so excited and Anderson couldn't wait to show the new Larry's off to the rest of us-he had been there before.  We had our pizza, sang Happy Birthday to Campbell and they played and played.  Robby passed out quite a bit of money but Reagan had even brought her own money and was spending it freely-hey, whatever you want to spend your money on-if one tootsie roll is that important to you.
  • At home, we did our Santa, snoopy and nativty and Anderson and Reagan even pulled off a chain from the chains that they had made.  Campbell did two things tonight but she was livid when we didn't let her put a light on snoopys doghouse tonight.  Welcome to the terrible twos!

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