December 20, 2011-Campbell's Birthday Party

Celebrating Campbell's 2nd Birthday!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
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  • It was another 6 in the morning wake up for the crew.  We heard Graham on the monitor crying and Robby told him to come downstairs.  I don't think he was really awake yet.  As I lay in bed cuddling with him, I wondered if he gets a bit of special treatment because he is the middle child.  He can't do everything that Reagan and Anderson can do and he can do much more than Campbell and Keaton.  When Reagan and Anderson were 3, we probably would have told them to go back to bed.
  • We were all ready in time to eat breakfast at home.  Reagan never ever eats poptarts but today she decided that she wanted one-after I had passed out the last two.  She wasn't too distraught and Robby even bought her another box on his grocery store stop.
  • Robby took the boys to school and double checked when Graham's Christmas party was-sure can't miss another one.  I told him when he was putting on his shoes that I would be at his party and Anderson piped in with "I wish you could have come to mine."-Dagger in my heart.
  • The girls went to Nonna and Pops' house.  On the way, Campbell would lean over and look at Reagan and say  "Nonna?" asking if she was going to go to Nonna's too.  As soon as Reagan had answered that, Campbell would ask if she was going to Pops'. 
  • Ms. Wendolyn told me that the first thing Graham told her this morning was that he hoped Santa came to his Christmas party like he did Anderson's party.  So I had to ask if Santa was really there yesterday and in face he was.  But poor Graham, Santa didn't show up at his party but his Mom did!  Graham's party was fun-cupcakes, games and lots of Christmas treat bags (Apparently that is the thing to do--all the Moms giving treat bags for everyone imaginable holiday at school.  I don't have the time for that-is that bad?)  Graham was very pleased with his candy canes.  
  • I am surprised that Ms. Wendolyn didn't give Graham juice in his Christmas treat bag.  She told Robby the other day when Graham brought snack, he was very concerned that she saved enough juice to bring home.  She thought that was strange until Robby told her that we never buy juice at home.
  • I picked up the boys and then we went to the new gas station by the church.  I thought about getting gas before picking them up but knew that would be the highlight of their afternoon-getting gas at the new gas station. It was quite entertaining to them and they couldn't stop talking about it during the day-how there was a place for trucks and another one for cars.  
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house and Campbell had her first birthday cake this year.  She saw the cake and started singing "Happy Birthday."  We sang, she grinned and then she tried to blow out her candles-the boys finally had to help her.  We worked on blowing later in the day practicing for her snowman cake but it didn't help too much.  
  • When we made it home, Campbell was already asleep and Keaton was hungry. I was exhausted and so when Keaton started crying, I took that as my chance to sit and feed her (and take a quick snooze).  The only problem was I kept dropping her bottle and she wasn't pleased with that.  After her milk, she was wide awake and I had had my power nap and was ready to get the house ready for a birthday party.  
  • The kids played in the house this afternoon and even were a bit of help while I was trying to clean-just a bit.  Reagan did decide to make snowflakes about the time the party was starting so just imagine all of that to clean up-but since we have a fancy new vacuum everyone was clamoring to use it. 
  • Graham asked to borrow my phone during the afternoon and said he was going to check the weather.  He looks at the temperature on my phone frequently-though he has not a clue what the numbers (temperature) mean.  Then he started pushing buttons and told me he was texting Dad.  Then I heard him mumble "kids been good."  I laughed and then he pretended to text "Reagan Anderson not been good."  Little stinker.
  • Anderson saw Graham with the phone and asked to call Grannymom.  He chatted with Grandpa for a bit and then Grannymom called him back  Then Cash and Anderson talked on the phone and giggled like girls.  After that conversation, Graham was ready to call Aunt Dana and talk to her.  I tried to explain that she was at work and we couldn't call her then and that we would see her in just a few hours.  That satisfied him.
  • Soon guests started arriving for Campbell's party.  The theme was snow and we all wore our snow hats. We had hung snowflakes in the kitchen.  There were two snowmen cakes, snowmen cookies and even snowman marshmallows for hot chocolate.  Everyone was there-Nonna, Pops, Jason, Papaw, Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Jenna, Lilly and Cash.  We had chili and the fixings and then the kids made snowman pictures.  
  • Next up it was present time.  She received legos, a lawn chair, a doll and pajamas for her, a Cinderella doll, chalk, crayons, a puzzle, Minnie and a car and Minnie and clothes to dress her in.  She was pretty interested in her presents but the other Dennie kids couldn't sit down long enough for the rest of us to see her.  Seriously, my kids have always been so good as sitting during present time but not tonight-I am going to have to crack down on them the next birthday party we go to.  
  • Then we had cake and I think that Campbell could get used to all of the attention.  And Keaton was very aware that there was a party going on today.  Last week during Anderson's party, she slept through the whole thing in her swing in the kitchen.  But today, she smiled, cooed and had a big time.
  • After cake was cleaned, we had the grand finale to the party-we made snow.  It was pretty neat-actually the snow was a polymer (my new word of the week).  Anyway, it was a powder and then we added water and it multiplied and felt and looked like real snow.  The kids were in awe and enjoyed playing with it.  The boys all went up to get cars to drive through it and soon Campbell was coming in the kitchen with her hands full of cars.  We made snow, made more snow and even more.  Soon it covered the kitchen table and soon it even covered the kitchen floor.  
  • The kids played for awhile and then all of our party guests arrived and Robby went to work on snow clean up.  And yes, the leaf blower was used in my house.  Apparently, the snow was too wet for the broom or vacuum.  But I secretly think, he just hadn't used any lawn equipment in a few days and wanted to catch up.  The blower worked well and got most of the snow out and we swept up the rest.  Poor Keaton, just set in her swing while Robby was blowing all around her-I looked once and her swing was even swinging because of the blower.  She was just a grinning.
  • The kids stayed up and I opened most of Campbell's toys for her and them to play with.  They sat quietly and played until we told them they couldn't have any milk before bed (they had plenty).  Anderson was devastated and said the he wasn't going to leave the couch until he had milk and then later said he would sleep in my bed until we gave him milk-he is sleeping in his bed.  Robby mentioned that he wouldn't get to go to Larry's if he continued to act like that and the child quickly became an angel.  So we are going to start eating at Larry's everyday.

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