Christmas Ornament Countdown 2011-23 Days Til Christmas

In February, we went to Vegas and had planned on going to Disneyland for one day.  We managed to catch a flight a day early to avoid a huge snow storm in Little Rock (imagine leaving for a trip 24 hours early and just having a few hours to pack everyone up).  Our original flight did end up being one of the few that left the Little Rock airport but it worked out so well us leaving a day early.  This gave us a whole extra day at Disneyland and then we decided to shorten our time at Death Valley which allowed us to see the Reagan Library and then even have a 3rd day at Disney.  So our one day at Disney grew to 3 days and it was a perfect trip.  I always think of how all of that worked out when I see the ornament.  And I also think about how wonderful our motel was at Disney-right across the street.  Anyway, I am starting to love the picture ornaments more and more and always try to but them when I can. (click here for pictures from the trip)

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