2012 New Year's Resolutions

Here they are, the long awaited Dennie family New Year's Resolutions:
1. By May, weigh less than 200 pounds.
2. By December, weigh less than 185.
3. Read 6 books.
4. Get all of the pictures updated on the blog.
1. Do something from pinterest each month.
2. Floss
3. Read 1000 pages to each child (yep that would be 5000 pages-probably won't succeed but it sure won't hurt anyone)
4. Weigh less than I do now.
1. Go to the fair.
2. Go on another trip.
3. Learn to swim.
4. Have more American Girl doll clothes.
1. Go bowling.
2. Play putt-putt.
3. Learn to swim.
1. Learn to swim.
2. Not wear pull ups anymore at night.
3. Learn to ride without training wheels
1. Sleep in a big girl bed.
2. Wear big girl underwear.
3. Give up her paci (though we couldn't find any tonight so that may be starting sooner than I had planned)
1. Have a first birthday party.
2. Learn to walk.
3. Sleep somewhere other than Mom and Dad's closet.
1. Get more organized.
2. Go bowling.
3. Take another trip (other than upcoming San Diego and Disney)
1. Lose 15 pounds.
2. Go bowling.
3. Read 6 books (though he does that usually in a month)

And now, just for kicks, let's go back and look at 2011's resolutions and see how we did last year....

1. Weigh less than 190 at Christmas (miserably failed-he would freely admit that.  Though the new budget with no money for snacks or cokes should help him this year)
2. Read through the Bible (unfortunately no)
3. Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride (no but that is probably my fault since I think he wanted to do this or at least some version of a hot air balloon ride somewhere and I told him that I wanted to see my babies grow up)
1. Have 6 family nights, 6 game nights and 6 movie nights throughout the year.  (we probably had 6 or near that many family nights, a few movie nights and no game nights.  Those are all a bit of work but we so need to be intentional with quality family time.  I will still try to do some this year)
2. Pray with the kids before every meal. (not perfect but we have gotten better at it.  I would like to start not only praying with them before meals at home but also out to eat).
3. Weigh less than I do now (well, I did have a baby so this one isn't quite fair but I don't think the no exercise rule and the nightly ice cream have helped at all)
1. Go ice skating. (ACHIEVED thanks to Kennedy and Camryn's birthday party)
2. Play with our family. (ACHIEVED)
3. More movie nights. (ACHIEVED, we did have a few this year so that is better than last year)
1. Go play putt putt (ACHIEVED)
2. Go bowling (ACHIEVED)
3. Go swimming (ACHIEVED)
1. Play with Mom and Dad (ACHIEVED)
2. Learn to go to the potty (ACHIEVED, hard to believe he was just potty training a year ago)
3. Play with Reagan, Anderson and Campbell (ACHIEVED)
1. Learn to walk (ACHIEVED)
2. Meet Cinderella (ACHIEVED)
3. Sleep in a bedroom with my sister (ACHIEVED and now she sleeps in a bedroom with her sister and two brothers)

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