December 29, 2011

Reagan hangin' with the girls!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • You would think that the crew would sleep a little bit ;later this morning after being up so late but no, we had guests in our bed by 7.
  • Soon we were all heading out the door to Grannymom's house.  Robby was in the yard letting Belle out for the morning and Graham saw her and started screaming "I brushed my teeth, I brushed my teeth!"  I had to calm him down to try to understand why he was screaming that.  He said that Daddy had told him that Belle would get him if he didn't brush his teeth.  Robby doesn't remember ever saying that but it must have happened because Graham was pretty adamant that he had brushed his teeth
  • Reagan spent the night with Alyssa Kate and stayed up pretty late.  She snoozed a bit during a movie but was apparently still up after midnight.  They painted fingernails-Reagan and Caroline were the only ones who wanted blue polish.  Kennedy brought everyone lip gloss and is going to have a sleepover soon (Reagan was worried that we would miss it when we are in Dallas and I said I didn't think hers would be this weekend).  This morning they went to the jumpy place and had a blast and even had lunch at McDonalds.  Candace even took a few pictures for me.  
  • The boys spent the morning playing hard at Grannymom's house as well.  Robby picked everyone up and before I knew it, Campbell and Graham were sleeping in their beds, Reagan fell asleep in my bed watching a movie, Keaton was snoozing in the swing, Robby and I were snoozing on the couch.  Anderson had a big time with the house to his self.  He watched a movie, went upstairs to play, then I heard him watching another movie and then back upstairs.  At one time, he told me he was playing farm-I saw no tractors, no animals only legos and little cars in the toy room.  He would be a perfect only child.
  • Around 5:30, we started to wake everyone up and eat supper.  Soon Nonna and Pops came over and played with the kids for awhile.  Anderson was so excited to show off his snake and Keaton was just happy to have someone else to hold her other than Robby and I.  
  • Keaton has been sleeping so well through the night and when she wakes up, she just smiles and grins at us until we find her a bottle.  I don't remember the other babies being so good natured.  She might just be the best Dennie baby.  
  • After Nonna and Pops left, we pajamad up, did the airplane and then tragedy struck-Campbell broke Reagan's snowglobe from Australia.  Reagan cried "Grannymom and Grandpa have been to Australia" and they have been to Australia but the snowglobe was from someone from Robby's work.  Poor Reagan, this is her 3rd or 4th snowglobe to be broken (hmm, I probably should have put them up high someplace)  Anyway, we promised her we would get a snowglobe soon during some of our travels and she was appeased.
  • Since they had all had such great naps earlier in the day, they were going strong tonight.  Graham was practically hysterical saying he was scared (fish light was on and everyone was up-don't think he was very scared), Anderson was growling at his happy napper pillow and Reagan and Campbell were throwing animals back and forth to each other.  

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