December 8, 2011

Who needs a cup?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Waking up to green grass was less exciting for the kids this morning than waking up to yesterday's snow.  But everyone was still in a good mood when they came down for breakfast.  Robby got everyone ready for school (boys) and Grannymom's house (girls).
  • I took the boys and I miss those days when Graham didn't want me to leave him.  After dropping Anderson off , I bent down to ask Graham, who was holding tightly to my hand, if he wanted to skip school and go and get donuts. He just let go of my hand and walked right in to his class.  
  • Before we all left this morning, Reagan told me that she knew she had to do some schoolwork at Grannymom's house.  I told her that I hadn't gotten anything for her to do yet and to run and get something out of her boxes.  She came back with a reading sheet and just read it right there in the kitchen so she didn't have to read it.  Little smartie.
  • The girls made popsicle reindeer.  They were careful not to let Campbell lose her ornament this time like the one she lost last week.  It hasn't turned up yet!  Grannymom and Grandpa picked up the boys from school-Robby had left them the van since they were coming to our house.
  • Our builder, Robby's nephew, came over today to see our house and talk about our addition.  Not much new information but we are ready to get started so hopefully we will have that new bathroom/garage and more space than we ever need by April (just a guess).  After he left, Grannymom and Grandpa soon left as well.
  • We had school and Reagan, Anderson and Graham just love working out of the workbooks I have gotten from Sams.  Reagan is doing a 1st grade one, Anderson is doing Kindergarten and Graham is doing the preschool.  Reagan would much rather do something that is crazy hard for her out of the workbook than do her other work.  So as a "reward", I let her do an extra page from her workbook when she finishes her other work (I'm so sneaky). 
  • Campbell woke up just as we all started a game of Sequence.  This is Sequence for kids but I always think about Debbie Dillon and ski trips when we play Sequence.  Reagan and Anderson lasted the whole game and Graham made it about half way through.  Campbell just sat in my lap and put green chips carefully on the board and then I would remove them quickly when she wasn't looking.  
  • Next was supper and then we loaded up for a few errands-we told the kids two stops only but it ended up being a few more (grocery store, party city, library-book drop off, restaurant-didn't take our groupon and then another restaurant).  Of course the kids couldn't go in anywhere since the boys had on shorts.  Graham did have on long sleeves.  Reagan had had on a brown skirt and a brown shirt (they were all playing cowboy earlier and had on brown because "cowboys are dusty")  But when she remembered that I had said she can't wear her black boots with brown clothes, she changed her outfit to a denim skirt and black shirt so she could wear those boots.
  • As a reward for the errand running, we bought them Christmas tree Little Debbies and they devoured them before pulling Santa to count down for Christmas.
  • I made Anderson's cupcakes tonight while the kids were going nuts in bed.  We repeatedly told them to be quiet and after we were summoned up there because Campbell was standing in her bed naked, Campbell we sent to the pack n play.  She was not pleased about that at all-let's just say the neighbors probably heard her.  Meanwhile, Keaton just wanted to be held and set up so she could watch tv (seriously).  She was eventually sent to bed and was a bit fussy for a few minutes.  Both little girls are now sleeping soundly in their pack n plays.

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