December 27, 2011

Checking on the snake!?!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • The first thing out of Graham's mouth this morning was "where's Reagan?"  Campbell asked a zillion times as well. Anderson was the only one who seemed to remember where she was.  He remembered mainly because he was a little put out that he wasn't spending the night somewhere (though Cash spent the night over here just a week or two ago so everything was even)
  • We had breakfast and they happily played with toys while I got ready and dropped Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton off at Nonna's house.  Nonna and Pops may not agree but when there is just one less in the house, it makes a huge difference. One less made a huge difference when we only had 4 kids and it still makes a difference with 5 kids.  Strange how that works.  
  • The kids played at Nonna and Pops while I ran an errand with Robby.  We went and bought 4 school desks.  Oh, I am so excited-I just need to lower some of them, clean the tops and maybe spray paint the bottoms black.  I was going to buy some at Ikea for 30 dollars (total 120) but since these were 5 each (total 20) I couldn't pass it up.  
  • I had to have Pops help me unload the van since we had to creatively fit all of them in there.  Then we came back to pick up the kids and I took everyone home.  Campbell and Keaton had a nap, I cooked and the boys played legos.  I did take a break from cooking to help build the lego train mountain.
  • Reagan was having a great time at Lillys.  They started off by going to the Peabody to see the ducks.  Then 2 libraries, Heifer and possibly the Old State House.  She said that it was the place that we had been to before with the dresses.  By the time Robby picked Reagan up, Reagan was exhausted.  She fell asleep in the floor before supper and then asked to go to bed after supper-sleepovers are exhausting (and she better rest up because she has one more tomorrow night).
  • The boys and I worked two puzzles before going to bed but first we had to check on the snake (maybe we should name him).  He was fine and had grown a few inches-we should have measured him.  
  • Keaton had a good day and has been Ms. Smiley all evening long (well except for when I ignored her crying for a bit to finish my work.  I hate to put her to bed now because she is just too happy.  

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