December 9, 2011

A late night surprise!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton was our early riser and ate at 3.  Robby heard her and fed her.  She had a few nights of sleeping all night-I feel like we are about to get on some type of schedule (but I have probably messed all of that up by saying it outloud).
  • I guess since Campbell wasn't in the room with the others, she was the reason that they all slept until close to 7:30.  Of course, I couldn't stick around and hang out in bed since I had a staff meeting at 9 (and a trip to Toys R Us first and then all of that followed by a money spending trip to the Scholastic Book sale). 
  • Robby took the day off and started the morning with breakfast.  Graham dressed for breakfast-shorts, t shirt and boots.  Reagan worked on a box house for one of her animals.  The all had a pretty lazy morning which included a movie or two and lots of play time.  
  • Next was lunch and soon I arrived home to find Robby and Campbell cuddling on the couch (the other 3 were playing upstairs).  Anderson had been crazy anxious to help make his cupcakes.  When Robby headed out to work in the yard, we started working on those cupcakes.  Everyone watched as we worked on making fire on the top of his cupcakes.  Anderson was so proud to help me make 5 of the cupcakes and Reagan and Graham were not pleased at all to only get to help with a few.  I had about 40 cupcakes to decorate and we were nearing Campbell's nap time so I had to keep things moving.
  • Campbell had her nap and Keaton woke up.  She just laid in the hallway and looked around.  The kids were still wanting to help so then we made Anderson's party favors (white chocolate popcorn).  The boys lost interest but Reagan helped tie the bags up-all 20 of them that we made.
  • Soon Robby ran to run an errand and returned with pizza for supper.  Robby headed outside to get things set up while the kids ate.  Then we showed Anderson the special thing we had gotten for his birthday-a big firetruck run through/jumpy.  When Anderson saw it he was so excited-at bed time he said "this is going to be the best birthday party ever."
  • We put their coats on them and they headed outside to play.  Just as the kids and I climbed in (since it was so dark I had to drag Campbell inside) the blowers turned off (we had too much plugged in to one place) and it started deflating.  Campbell was already screaming because she wanted out, Graham became hysterical, Reagan and Anderson started yelling which only caused Graham and Campbell to freak out more.  Robby quickly plugged one of the blowers into another outlet and all was well.  
  • They calmed down and were back inside running as fast as they could through it.  Campbell did come in again with Robby but was happy to just watch the action from the outside.  Did I mention that it was rather dark outside so Robby shined the lights from the car on one side of the firetruck and shined the lights from the van on the other side.  We weren't out there too long but when Robby went to move the cars....well, yep, we had run the battery down...on both cars.  
  • Jason was the unlucky one who got the call to come and rescue us.  We jumped the cars without a problem and Jason hung out with the kids and watched a Charlie Brown movie for a bit.  Graham was falling asleep during the movie and was the first one to head to bed. 
  • Soon everyone was in bed and Campbell was sleeping in the closet again.  Robby left the door open in the closet for her and she did not want for him to close it tonight.  In Campbell's bed, Keaton is snoozing peacefully.  I had laid her down there when it was time to brush teeth and she was then sleeping too peacefully to move.  We will move her back down with us when we go to bed.  

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