December 26, 2011

More toys!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • This morning was fairly lazy-we had breakfast only after Reagan begged.  Don't feel too sorry for he since it was just 7.  Pancakes for everyone except Campbell who wanted cereal.  Until she saw everyone else's pancakes and then wanted them.  Of course, Graham saw her cereal and wanted it so we just switched.
  • Robby played trains and then we started on cleaning up this house.  The first project was taking down the Christmas.  The tree was quite a project since we took pictures of all of the ornaments that I hadn't written a blog post about so they would be ready to go next year.  And we had oh, so much help.  The kids couldn't stay away from us at all.  
  • Briefly, they would go and play upstairs or start playing with their new toys in the living room.  Eventually, I had them working carrying stuff up and down the stairs for me.  Soon both boys were laying on the couch acting pitiful.  Graham was tired (not quite well yet) and Anderson said that his ears hurt (after some drops he did act/feel better and hasn't mentioned it again....yet)
  • Reagan was still working hard for me and would have worked all afternoon.  She only stopped to take care of Anderson-turn on the tv for him, get him a blanket, ask if he could have milk.  Robby stayed busy most of the morning trying to clean up the Christmas tree needles.  An 11+ year old tree loses lots of needles each year.
  • Soon, I took Reagan to Lilly's house to spend the night.  She was so excited and tried her best to hurry me along so we could get out of the door quicker.  Dana sent us one picture and it looked like they had made a huge fort in their living room.  I am sure she is having a great time
  • The boys had a pretty good evening too-we played Connect 4, put together one more toy and opened up a few army men.  But the highlight of the evening was putting the new snake in water.  Reagan had bought a grow-a-snake for Anderson and we put it in water tonight.  Robby tried to explain that it wasn't going to grow right away and would be bigger when we came home from Dallas.  Anderson was very concerned and wanted to know who would take care of the snake while we were gone. 
  • Campbell asked where Reagan was all evening long.  We would tell her and she would just say "huh?" over and over.  She is still so funny when we pray at night.  Since bedtime was running a bit late tonight, I prayed for everyone and Campbell prayed while I was trying to.  The louder I got, the louder she got.  She was just babbling away-felt like I was at a pentacostal church.

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