December 19, 2011

Gingerbread House Night!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) (click here for a video)
  • Anderson slept well on our bedroom floor and it was a restful night-until 5 when Anderson got in bed with us, Keaton woke up to eat and while Robby was getting her bottle, Graham came walking down the steps.  And before 6, we heard Campbell on the monitor.  I don't like mornings like that!
  • We still managed to hang in bed long enough that Anderson had to eat breakfast in the car.  I tried to offer him a healthy and nutritious breakfast but he saw a can of peanuts and that is what he wanted.  So that is what he got along with another cup of milk. 
  • Robby took Anderson while the rest of us stayed home.  It didn't take too long for Graham to find his favorite gift from last night-his socks.  He has always wanted long socks like his Daddy so he had those on before breakfast-along with a tshirt, shorts and a cowboy hat.  Keaton woke up to eat as the others were having their breakfast.
  • Campbell was pretty adamant that she wanted to take a shower with me this morning so I gave her the ole' slipperoo and tip toed into the shower.  When I came out of the shower, she had been working on putting on her clothes and no, she hadn't found my underwear.
  • Reagan and Anderson usually play together the most/best and sometimes leave Graham out a bit.  But since Anderson wasn't here, Reagan and Graham were inseparable.   They played most of the morning long.  Reagan did take a little break to work on her quilt.  She just knots the little ties to make a quilt-it will take her forever.  She can do it but I do have to give her the next two pieces to knot every time.  It will take a little bit of work but she can get it done-hopefully before summer when she doesn't need a blanket!
  • Before too long, it was time to go and get Anderson.  As we were getting in the car, Reagan said "It seems like he just left for school."  I was thinking the same thing since I really didn't finish my morning list (yes, I have a morning list, afternoon list and evening list)  
  • When we drove up to school, I pulled in the line-only car in the line and then I started seeing lots of kids leaving with  goodie and treat bags.  Christmas parties-I just thought it was the MWF classes since I thought Anderson's party was tomorrow (their last day-would make sense).  Anyway, when he walked to the car with Ms. Stacy and he had big kool aid stained lips, I knew I had missed his Christmas party.  
  • Anderson didn't care at all that I wasn't there but since I was the only parent in the pick up line-I must have been the only parent in the school that wasn't there for the parties.  Seriously, how did I not notice that his was today.  I should have caught that his and Graham's had different dates.  Yes, I would have taken all 4 of the other kids to his party and been there with my camera.  Oh, well, Anderson had bags of candy and was tickled.  But I will be at the next school party-Robby too.  I may even bring all of the grandparents.  
  • Anderson did say that Santa was there.  Reagan was pretty insistent that he was lying.  But he continued with his story and I might even believe him.  He said they didn't get to talk to him but they did take their pictures with him and this happened before the other mothers got there.  So who knows-maybe he saw Santa, maybe he didn't.
  • But he did come home with 4 candy canes.  Hmm, 4, you think he might share but no, he told Reagan he was not going to share.  The girl then fell onto the floor sobbing.  Seriously, rolling, kicking, screaming and stomping.  Reagan is good but she sure would have never shared her candy canes-well, she would have broken one in 3 pieces and shared it with them.  And Anderson is the child who will give anyone anything but not today-he said he wasn't going to share and I didn't think he was going to change his mind.  I don't think I should make him share-it was his, they don't need candy and I have candy canes to offer.  He did later say that he would share and did.  I probably should have not let Reagan have one after her fit.
  • When we walked in the house from school, the neighbor girls asked if they could come out and I said maybe later.  So after lunch and school (we are just doing a tiny, tiny few things about The Grinch-today we read the book, answered some questions, compared the characters and made a timeline) they decided to go outside.  I let Campbell take a nap (she wasn't pleased).
  • By the time they made it outside, neighbor girl was not around.  They hollered for her until I finally had to tell them that if they can't see her then she can't hear them.  So they decided that they would hang a note on the fence.  I wrote it out as requested on a post it note and they went off with the tape to hang it up.  A few minutes later, I heard the door open and Reagan said that Anderson though the note was too small and she couldn't see it.  So I had to re write the note on a larger piece of paper.  
  • Anderson must be the explorer outside because he had apparently wanted to take everyone on Robby's new trail.  But Reagan said that wouldn't go because she told him that he didn't know what "poison ivy grass" looks like.  Actually, Robby and I don't really know what "poison ivy grass" or even poison ivy look like either.  
  • Graham came home with one less motorcycle men last night and has only asked me once about it (it may show up but if not, it isn't a huge deal).  I talked to Grannymom today on the phone and he then told me that tomorrow, he wanted me to call Grandpa back.  I explained that we would look for his motorcycle man at Grannymom's and it is fine if we don't find it.  He said "no, I want Grandpa to come over and put my steering wheel on the tree house."  Anderson piped in that he wanted his magnifying glass (telescope) hung up too.
  • Most of the rest of the afternoon, they played in the toy room and watched a movie.  Robby was home a bit late so we had already eaten and everyone was wearing pajamas when he arrived.  They were all anxiously awaiting the making of the gingerbread houses.  
  • I had bought a kit last year that had 5 little houses in it and they were so excited to pick their own house.  And it was really the best thing because no one had to fuss and fight over what to put where.  It was even silent for a few minutes when they were all working (well, 3 were working and one was eating).  Robby even got into the action making the 5th house.  It is something that even though they are close in age, they have such different abilities/attention spans.  Reagan could have worked for another hour and we had the kitchen cleaned before she had finished.  Campbell started off interested and even put a few things on her house and then she just worked on eating her bowl full of candy.  Graham and Anderson were some where in the middle.
  • They all really enjoyed the gingerbread houses.  So if anyway sees another kit like that one that has multiple houses (I guess you would call it a village) then buy it for me after Christmas.  One family that we know, have older kids and they have a gingerbread house competition each year.  What a neat tradition that is.  We aren't there yet-the only competition so far here is who's house can remain standing!
  • Our bedtime routine got a bit longer by one step for the next few nights.  We are doing the What God Wants for Christmas box with a box from the nativity scene to open each night.  That along with pulling Santa down, the snoopy doghouse, airplane, prayers, teeth and pottying-we now have to start bedtime in the afternoon to get it done by the read bedtime!  
  • Tonight, Campbell was screaming when we put her to bed.  A few minutes later, on the monitor, I heard Anderson singing her a sweet little song.  I couldn't hear all of it but he had "rest your little head" and "go to sleep Campbell" in it.  Later he was heard singing "Go tell it on the mountain."  And later, we heard Reagan holler for us that Campbell had taken all of her clothes and even her diaper off.  Robby went upstairs with the duct tape to fix that problem (kidding)  I just checked and all were sleeping-fully clothed.

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