December 22, 2011

With all her countdown chains,
Reagan is making sure she won't miss
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • I didn't mention the other day, but Reagan has now lost her 5 or 6th tooth.  We were eating lunch and I was reading a story and looked over at her bar stool and she was gone.  I said "Reagan?" and up she popped with her tooth in her hand.  She said that she was eating her banana and bit something hard and then it fell on the floor.  During the story, she felt and her tooth was missing so she was on the floor finding her tooth. 
  • So last night, Graham coughed quite a bit before we went to bed and woke up crying enough times during the evening that we brought him down to sleep in our bed.  Of course, all of this happened as I was getting into bed with my cider and popcorn to watch a tv show before bed.  Graham thought he was the luckiest boy on earth to stay up late with us.
  • And late we did stay up.  I made Graham a pallet to sleep on the floor and he watched me and then asked what I was doing.  I said "I am making this for you or Daddy to sleep on the floor."  Graham replied with "I'm not."  So Robby ended up on the floor but he curled up near the heater and slept pretty well (I know, because when I was up I could hear him snoring).  Poor G couldn't get to sleep and coughed and cried off and on for a while.  After having a doozy of a fit, he laid his head on the pillow and was out like a light. 
  • Soon he was sleeping soundly and I had to go to the bathroom.  I made sure Graham wasn't near the edge of the bed and snuck off to go to the bathroom.  And sure enough, I hear someone calling for me.  Seriously, all night long and someone needs me as soon as I go to the bathroom.  I thought it was Graham and headed back to our room, then heard it again and it was Anderson and headed upstairs.  By the time I made it upstairs, Robby was on the monitor asking what he needed (he thought I was still snoozing) and I gave him a shock when I told him I was already upstairs.  Anyway, Anderson was having a bad dream-later he said it was about a bomb and fire.  
  • Keaton ate soon in the middle of the night but we did all sleep until 7:45 so that wasn't too bad of a night.  Reagan even said that Anderson climbed down to tell her once in the middle of the night that his clothes had fallen off.  Um, okay.  But when I was up there for his dream, he had unzipped his feeties and they were off of his arms (but I sure didn't say anything-my goal was getting back to my bed).
  • Keaton spent the morning with Robby while the others went to Grannymom's house.  Keaton also spend the morning being held and the afternoon being held and the evening being held.  She did NOT want to be put down any today.  Even with a full tummy she did not want to be put down.  The only time we could lay her down was when she had fallen sound asleep.  I may have to buy a front carrier for her.
  • I worked a bit, ran a few errands and then swung by Grannymom's house to pick up the sickos-Graham and Campbell.  Since Graham didn't sleep too well and complained about his ear, we had a doctors appointment.  Campbell, despite her cough that sounds like a smoker, is fine.  Graham's ears were questionably and the doctor gave us some medicine.
  • Next up was a trip to Sams to get his medicine and Graham and Campbell were both very happy to ride in the stroller and eat the samples today-cheesecake, oranges, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, pork tenderloin, rolls, chicken salad, crackers.  And then we all went to Grannymom's house and ate again.  Actually, most of the things at Sams they would try and not like or like it alot and drop it on the floor.
  • Back at home, Campbell had a nap, I held Keaton, Anderson and Reagan watched a movie, Graham threw a fit and then fell asleep 2 minutes later.  Soon Anderson and Robby were leaving for the hospital.  Anderson had one last part of his nutrition center visit to complete-an ultrasound.  Since this was at the hospital, they had to wait quite a while but he was a perfect child during it all.  
  • They ran to the grocery store and when they walked in the door, I walked out.  I had had enough of it and needed a break.  Actually, I had dinner with a friend.  After Robby and Anderson left, Reagan, Campbell, Graham and I sat and looked through an American Girl magazine and planned what she was going to buy.  I don't know who will have more fun, me or her.
  • When the kids used to watch movies, they would get pillows and blankets from my room and lay on the floor.  Lately, they have been sitting in a line in the kiddie folding chairs.  Today, I even saw Reagan laying across two chairs.  She said she was tired and I tried to convince her to lay on the floor but she said she was fine.  Bunch of crazy kids-folding chairs? Really?
  • Tonight Graham was coughing and told Robby that since he was still coughing he would need to sleep in our bed again.  Robby explained that that would not be happening again tonight and besides I am out of popcorn so the evening probably wouldn't be as much fun.
  • Look at the picture of Reagan and her countdown chains.  Robby said it took her 10 minutes to pull all of her chains tonight.  He also said that he had to stop her from making more because she was using all of the tape.  Thank goodness there are just a few days left til Christmas or she wouldn't be able to get into her bed due to all of the chains hanging down.

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