December 11, 2011

Birthday Donut!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Everyone slept well last night.  Campbell woke up at 6 and then went back to sleep with us and within a few minutes, Keaton woke for her early morning bottle.  Soon we heard the boys (Anderson, Cash and Graham) and Reagan.  They were asking if they could get up and go and play toys and certainly they could.  Before too much longer everyone was dressed, ready and eating Sunday donuts (hmm, theme of the day).
  • Dana and Lilly came by to pick up Cash and soon after they left, we also loaded up for church.  Reagan and Anderson were a little more movey during church but we made it without a scene.  We were in Campbell's class again during worship care and there were alot of them today.  Campbell can be pretty testy when we are in there and hopefully she isn't always like that.
  • Next up was lunch at Nonna's house.  We continued Anderson's birthday celebration with a huge birthday cupcake with strawberry ice cream.  The kids then opened up one of Anderson's gifts from yesterday that we hadn't gotten to.  It was his motorcycles and their race track.  They all played with it for awhile and then we headed home for rests and naps.
  • Soon we were loading the car back up to take the firetruck run through back to its owner.  Then we found our seats at church for the service.  Anderson fell asleep right before the youth choir and drums performed so I had to work hard to wake him up.  But he did wake up in time to enjoy that and soon after Robby said that he would sneak out with the boys-he got up, Anderson followed and then Graham was left standing looking at me.  So he told our row and the row in front of us "I got to potty" (he knew that was his ticket out of there)  I just sent him to run after Robby who thought he was behind him anyway.
  • We had Anderson's birthday donuts at Krispy Kreme and he was tickled to blow out the candles.  The kids were a little confused about the store not handing out free samples anymore but they soon forgot when they had their snowman donuts in their hands.
  • Back at home, we pulled a few santa bricks down since we were a couple of days behind and then it was bedtime.  I did overhear the kids saying "do you remember when Momma told us about that jail"-uh, I don't remember that at all.  I am sure I have pointed out a jail when we drove by but then couldn't hear the rest of the conversation.  Oh my, I just wonder what all that talk about up there.

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