White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Since I have had a request for the recipe for my popcorn, I thought I would put it on the blog.  Umm, it is pretty easy: one bag of microwave popcorn and then drizzle one square of melted almond bark over it and stir.  Told you it was very easy.  I am sure there is a more complicated way to make it but for me, that worked and it was edible.  Actually, I told Robby that I would probably always make popcorn like that.  Melting the chocolate is just as easy as popping the corn so it may be my new bedtime snack...or I just may continue with the nightly cookie dough.

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Mimi's Musings said...

Thank you for the recipe. See, I knew you would take some of your 'spare time' to share this. It was amazing and so are you!