December 14, 2011

Brain lab visit day - she doesn't seem
too pleased but she
was perfect for the visit!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • When the alarm clock rang this morning, Robby and I hadn't heard that sound in forever and were quite confused about what that sound was.  We were able to get everyone dressed, loaded and left on time.  I dropped Keaton, Graham and Reagan off at Nonna and Pops' house and then picked up Grannymom.  We then headed to the Nutrition Center with Campbell and Anderson.
  • Apparently when Reagan arrived at Nonna's house, she had decided that she needed to do some Christmas shopping today.  Nonna agreed and they along with Graham headed out.  Reagan bought us, Campbell, Graham and Anderson something.  They then came back to Nonna's house and she wrapped it.  When I came to pick them up, she told me that she had spent all day working on that.  
  • Graham also bought a present for Anderson.  He was so excited about it and wanted to take it home with us today.  Reagan told him to leave it at Nonna's house but he said that he was going to take it home because Anderson and him share cause they are brothers.  We didn't even make it home before Graham had given Anderson his present.  Anderson opened it and was pretty impressed with his gift from his brother.
  • I could not have been prouder of Anderson and Campbell at the Nutrition Center.  Anderson stayed with Grannymom all morning and we just saw them in the hallways occasionally.  He did perfect in brain lab, laid still for the bone scan and nemo and then also did excellent in psych testing.  That is alot of work and alot of sitting still for a 5 year old boy but he did great.
  • Campbell was the wild card today and I didn't know what to expect.  She was so funny-every time someone would ask her a question she would answer "no" or "yes."  She would always answer-"Are you ready to go _____" "no" she would answer.  She did very well in psych and worked for the most part.  She was a little scared during nemo but did fine.  And during brain lab she was perfect-not just perfect for a 2 year old-she was perfect for a 6 year old.  She didn't move a muscle and I started to think she was going to go to sleep so I would pass her candy during breaks.  Though during brain lab she would cut her eyes at me and flash a "why are you making me do this look?" 
  • Next up, we ran through Sam's, dropped Grannymom off, picked up the others and came home.  The little girls took a nap, the boys played upstairs and Reagan and I worked on a bit of school.  Before too long, they all watched a movie while I ran through the house making supper (don't be too impressed-corn dogs), getting things and children ready for Awana, loading the car and getting stuff out for tomorrow. 
  • On the way to church tonight, I told the kids that I wanted to walk to the gazebo in the back of a church that we passed.  Anderson asked what a gazebo was and then asked if it was were they buried people.  We were passing a cemetery at time.  I then explained what a gazebo was and that he was thinking of a cemetery.  He then said that he wants to go to a cemetery sometime and wants me to read the names for him.  Uh, okay, not exactly what I was planning to do on our next family outing.
  • We kept talking on the way and Reagan shouted "everyone be quiet, Campbell is praying."  Yep, she had her head bowed, hands together and was praying.  We let her go on and on for awhile and then had to remind her to say Amen.  
  • Everyone had a great time at Awana.  Reagan finished her first Sparks book and got a ribbon.  She couldn't be prouder.  We came home, did out Santa, had milk and went to bed.  It has been a busy, busy day.

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