Christmas Ornament Countdown-6 Days Til Christmas

In 2003, we took an Alaskan cruise.  It was pre kids and we were the youngest ones on the Alaskan cruise ship.  Seriously, the youngest ones.  We would race down the stairs while the old folks were waiting in line for the elevator and Robby even won the basketball free throw contest.  It was all a wonderful trip-until I got the Norwalk virus and was sicker than I have ever been in my entire life.  Robby tried to talk me into going ashore in Victoria but since I couldn’t even make it down our hallway, I declined.  I did end up seeing the ship doctor and getting a shot.  Meanwhile, Robby was having a great big ole time on a bus tour around Victoria.  He told me it was beautiful but we still have to go back.

For pictures from this trip, click the following links:
Day 1 - click here
Day 2 - click here
Day 3 - click here
Day 4 - click here
Day 5 - click here
Day 6 - click here
Day 7 - click here
Day 8 - click here
Day 9 - click here

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