Christmas Ornament Countdown 2011-21 Days Til Christmas

Well, I sure couldn’t resist buying this ornament.  I got it on my travels to the far away and rarely visited place called Target.  (Far away since we have moved and rarely visited because I am not crazy enough to take my crew to Target to often anymore.)  But the suitcase was just calling my name.  Actually, it is an ornament that I took to last years class meeting ornament exchange and yes, I grabbed my ornament during the Dirty Santa game and hung tightly to it.  If the ornaments aren’t travel related they don’t make it to our tree (with one current exception-Reagan made one at Grannymom’s house which is currently hanging on the tree).  Our tree may not be pretty but every ornament reminds us of something and that suitcase reminds me of all of our travels.

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