August 11, 2012

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  • Graham in our bed two nights in a row so I thought it was him at 1 this morning poking me but it was Anderson.  He said "good morning" as he crawled in with us.  That boy is a bit bigger than his brother so at 3 Robby took his ipad and moved to the couch.  I thought he was just going to the bathroom and coming back so I stayed hanging off the edge of the bed for the rest of the night.  
  • We all did sleep until 8 this morning so it was fairly late when we were eating breakfast and I was giving everyone the run down of the day.  Anderson interrupted and said "I know, I know, we have to do homeschool first."  When I told him that no, this was not a homeschool day, he replied with "really? really?"  He could not believe it and when I said that tomorrow and Monday weren't homeschool days either he was just shocked.
  • Robby left this morning to do a few errands (dumpster run, clean car, walmart) and I worked in the house, made at least a zillion lego animals for the kids, folded laundry and then started getting everyone ready.  I let the big kids put on their bathing suits early but wouldn't let Campbell (cruel, I know).  I let her put on her suit early yesterday and she wet in it and since swim diapers aren't cheap and aren't absorbent she had to wait today.  Campbell was not pleased with this idea at all-she screamed and screamed and cried for her daddy (standard anytime now that I make her mad). 
  • Before too long, the Hunters and Grannymom and Grandpa had arrived and the kids were able to play on the water slide.  They played for awhile and then all of the grownups went in to eat.  Graham said that he wanted everyone to come outside and watch them and within a little bit, they had all come in to eat (and be with everyone else).  Anderson disappeared upstairs and when I called him down to eat, he shouted back that he was changing clothes.  Of course that was fine but when he came downstairs he said "I had to change clothes and comb my hair."  What, comb his hair?  We haven't combed his hair in forever.  And of course, a few minutes later, Graham went upstairs to change and comb his hair too.
  • A few minutes later though, they had all put their suits back on and were back in the pool.  We eventually took another break for watermelon.  Anderson never tries anything new and today I offered him a dollar to try a piece of the watermelon.  So he jumped at the chance and even said that he liked it....but within a few minutes he had red bumps all over his chest.  Coincidence or allergic reaction?  I don't know but he was given a mega dose of benedryl!
  • They had such a good time and when everyone left it was time to come in for their first shower of the day.  They played more legos while Keaton slept and all eventually watched a few movies.  I let Campbell stay up from her nap since it was around 3 but before too long, she was in my lap and we were both snoozing on the couch.
  • We then loaded up to run a few errands-just 5 stops but the way that Reagan complained you would have thought that we were driving to Orlando.  Of course, they only got out at 1 stop but it wasn't that bad. We ate at Burger King so they were able to get out and play on the play set.  Once we made it home we did a bit of bike riding.
  • The kids are all getting better on their bikes.  Of course, Robby and I are constantly shouting "slow down, don't get too close, go to the side of the road."  Ha!  So when we tell them to peddle fast to get up a hill they just turn around and look at us and then can't propel themselves up the hill (Graham can get up the little hills we have here the best).
  • After biking, they had an oatmeal cream pie and then another shower.  We then put everyone to bed with a stern reminder to stay in their beds until 7 in the morning.  Now taking bets about who will climb into our bed tonight.

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