Hot Springs: August 4, 2012

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  • Hotel sleeping is just nice-especially when the baby sleeps all night.  It didn't even matter that Campbell joined us in bed around 5 and Graham around 6.  Everyone went back to sleep and we all slept until after 7:30.  Sometime this morning, Campbell was climbing up again in bed with me and I pulled her up by her arms.  When  I finally heaved that child onto the bed, she looked at me and told me "you almost broke my arms off."
  • We put on our bathing suits and headed down for breakfast.  It was a bit crowded inside so we ate outside with the bumblebees.  Thankfully we managed to eat without too much of a commotion and then headed inside for swimming.
  • So it was my turn to take the plunge and swim in the icy cold waters of our hotel this morning.  We swam for a bit-the boys are already starting to act like teenagers trying to shove, push and dunk each other.  They all liked to race each other across the shallow end of the pool.  Keaton and Robby watched this morning from their nice cozy chairs in the sun shine.  
  • Next up we packed up and went to Mid American musuem.  Robby and I had both been there as kids and most things had changed-but not everything.  They still had mirrors, a hot air balloon and a sand pendulum.  The kids had a great time-lots of hands on things for them to do.  Reagan really loved the crawl through cave (Graham, Campbell and I did not-too dark).  Anderson enjoyed building a track for marbles.  Graham liked dressing as a pirate and Campbell liked playing with the wind tunnel.  Keaton didn't really like any of the museum.  She was tired and drank bottle after bottle while inside.  We were doing anything to keep that child quiet-she has learned to scream! (and it isn't pleasant).
  • Back in the car, we stopped by McDonalds and I do believe that the kids ate all 20 of their chicken nuggets.  Anderson wanted to stop again at the ice cream stop but we pressed on and made it to Orange Leaf.  The kids devoured their ice cream while watching men's water polo-they were so excited about the US men's team scoring points.  
  • When we made it home, Robby went to work for a few minutes and the kids played, watched a movie, colored, updated our Olympic medal chart, ate supper, read a few books, changed into pajamas and helped with laundry.  Wow, maybe Robby was gone a long time-we got a lot done around here.
  • When we put the kids to bed tonight, they were all pretty tired.  Hopefully, Robby and I will be more productive than we were last night-we had plans to work on our menus and monthly picture picking out-but we were too tired! 

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