August 28, 2012

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  • Graham was pretty sure this morning that he did not want to go to school and would be content to just go straight to Jodee's house to swim.  We assured him that he indeed did want to go to school.  Every school morning I have been wondering aloud to Graham if today would be the day that they tried chocolate and strawberry milk-hope this would encourage him to go.  But today was even better for the boy because they sorted and then ate M&Ms.  
  • Back at home, Anderson diligently did his school work while Campbell assisted.  Ha, at one time I walked in the room and she was hitting him on the head with a piece of paper.  He was pretty distracted today but with Keaton, Campbell and me all in the room I would have been distracted too. Eventually Keaton took her morning nap, I bribed Anderson with a snack, Campbell became interested in coloring and I worked on hanging up some of our flags left over from the Olympics.
  • At 11, I made Anderson take off his football jersey and we loaded up and picked up Graham.  He is a mess all the time at home but I sure do miss that boy when he is at school.  We then drove across the river to pick up Reagan and swim for a few minutes.  Jodee made us lunch and then after we talked school for a bit before going down to swim.  We were lucky that their yard people showed up and our swimming was cut a bit shorter than the kids would have liked.
  • We made it home-Keaton was moved to her bed, Reagan did her math and phonics and the boys and Campbell assisted me in unloading the car.  Somehow we had managed to have quite a bit in the car-Reagan's backpack and lunch box from yesterday, her bag of clothes from spending the night, Graham's stuff from school, wet towels, floatees and suits from swimming, the diaper bag and ice chest from today and empty juiceboxes from the ride home.  Reagan had finished her work by the time we had unloaded and put everything up.  The boys worked hard and were begging to watch a movie by the time we finished.
  • Before long we had supper and then took a quick family picture before heading out on our walk.  Reagan fell off her bike pretty much as soon as she left the driveway-this led to much screaming and wailing along with one tiny cut.  She was a trooper though and got back on her bike (because we made her) and continued on the ride.  
  • After the ride, Robby passed out popsicles and I hopped in the car to go grocery shopping (I spent more money and more time in the grocery store tonight than I ever have).  The kids enjoyed their popsicles and then came in for baths and bed.

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