August 20, 2012

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  • First day of school for Graham.  He was up and ready pretty quick.  We dropped off Keaton and Campbell first at Nonna's house and then dropped him off.  When we pulled up to the church, he said "I'm not going on."  I silently started to panic knowing that things could get ugly but I ignored him and kept talking and everything went off without a hitch.  He walked into his room, found his name and then washed his hands.  
  • Then I drove around to the other side of the church and we waited to drop of Reagan and Anderson. We had about 20 minutes to just sit in the car so I brought a few books to read to them.  Anderson was the first to go in his class and he found his name and sat down (without telling me bye).  And Reagan took her lunch box from me in the hallway and walked right in her class.  
  • I worked for a bit and then ran home to do a bit of speed cleaning.  Next up was a stop at the library where I checked out too many books and then rushed to pick up Graham.  He was pleased with his orange smiley face smelly sticker that he earned today in his class.  He also told me that they had cupcakes with lots of icing for snack but he was the only one who could eat them because he wasn't allergic (none of that was true!)
  • We then picked up Keaton and Campbell.  They had a much calmer day with just the two little girls.  They played kitchen, colored, read books and stayed busy all morning long.  We did eat lunch before going home. 
  • At home, I worked on coupons for a bit downstairs and then put Keaton and Campbell in bed.  Graham does not like to be upstairs by himself.  He begged me to bring my stuff upstairs so I obliged and did my work by him-first my coupons, then laminating, then checked my emails.  
  • Soon it was time for Robby to arrive with Reagan and Anderson.  Graham was so excited for Reagan to come home because he had brought her a bag of rubber bands home from Nonna's house to help her start her rubber band collection (she wants to have a rubber band ball like her Daddy did when he was growing up).  
  • Anderson said that school today was "awesome" and they both were ready to get upstairs to play with their toys when they walked into the door.  Campbell was so excited to wake up and see that Reagan and Anderson were home.  They all played and fussed until we finally heated up leftovers for supper.  
  • After supper we went outside to put up the waterslide-still too wet to fold up but we moved it so maybe it will dry a bit before we blow it up to dry it off (lots of work for those kids to have fun!)  Then we went on our bike ride.  All did good tonight and we even went down the big hill (all wearing helmets of course).  Though on their way down, the huge log truck from the other street passed us but everyone stopped on the side without a problem.  On the way home though, Graham just took off and drove straight home-I tried to call his name and then Robby did too but he just kept going.  Anyway, next time we ride bikes, he can't ride on his.  Have to stay close enough that you can hear us is the rule.  
  • Back inside it was shower time for all and then a quick movie before bed.  Campbell helped me empty the dishwasher and Keaton played with Robby.  Then we reviewed what all is going to happen tomorrow and sent everyone to bed.  They are quiet right now-but I don't have the monitor on so who knows what is really happening up there!

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