August 24, 2012

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  • The kids all slept well last night but Robby and I were both up wide awake at 3:30.  We should have just gotten up and done some housework or exercised but I wasn't that wide awake.  We did eventually get back to sleep and all too soon Campbell was telling the whole house that she was ready to wake up.
  • Before I could get out of the bed, five children were surrounding me and four of them were jockeying to get as close to Keaton as they possible could.  So I just took my Keaton and got out of bed.  She sat by my shower and then we all had breakfast.
  • A little after 8:30 we started school and we were really moving along today (I did forget to do two of Reagan's Friday work-ipad and logic-not earth shattering though).  By 11 we were reading history and science.  Poor Anderson though, he was the one that was distracted today so he was the last one to finish.  This doesn't bother Reagan too much but it really just distracts him more.  I had to send Graham and Reagan on a mission to count the number of stairs and windows in the house so I could help Anderson finish.  (Oh, 36 steps in this house as compared to 16 at Gamble and 21 windows here and only 9 at our old house-big difference).
  • The kids had time to play before lunch and after lunch it was time for Nonna to come and pick Reagan up.  Reagan and Nonna had a big day planned-they were going shopping for some of her birthday presents and ended the day with Chuck E Cheese and home made brownies.  I think she had a blast tonight.
  • After Reagan left, we started our usual afternoon routine.  Eventually I remembered a video that I had wanted to show the kids about a bed of nails.  It was a scientist explaining how a bed of nails works.  The boys and Campbell watched it and after it was over, Anderson started talking like the scientist and they spent the rest of the afternoon doing "experiments" and "demonstrating" things.  I eventually pulled out the vinegar and baking soda and let them play with that for awhile.  
  • When Robby arrived home, we headed to Chick Fil A.  The kids played, ate and devoured a milkshake.  Keaton also ate so much ice cream that she was stuffed and couldn't finished her bowl-that's my girl.  She is quite the stander-upper now and hopefully will be taking some steps soon.  
  • Back at home, the kids watched an episode of Cake Boss and begged us to go to Hoboken to see the real Cake Boss.  We reminded them that we had been there so I guess tomorrow we will have to pull out the pictures to remind them of that trip.

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