August 1, 2012

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  • Wonderful Wednesdays-we don't have to leave the house at all right now (at least until Awana starts back).  We all were up and playing Spiderman Go Fish in the floor of my room before 8.  After a quick game, Keaton was up so everyone went to go and see her and I headed to the shower.
  • We then had breakfast and read a few stories.  Afterwards, it was time for school.  It was a pretty calm school day-Reagan did do a little typing practice on my computer.  And she really did good-it was just a little game but she was so conscience about keeping her fingers on the right keys.  Then Anderson had his turn, followed by Graham followed by Campbell.  They didn't do quite as well.  Graham kept telling me that he needed help but when Campbell was passed my computer, she shouted "I no need any help."  Trust me she did-I had to google how to fix my computer before I started typing tonight
  • Robby came home for lunch and everyone was glad to see him.  Then we started our daily chores-seems to be working well right now, doing chores after lunch.  We did laundry, straightened the house and picked up the toy room.  It didn't take too long.
  • Then it was naps for the little girls.  The rest of us did a science experiment-I didn't think it worked but now I am wondering if it did.  Anyway, if is a fact that cold water is heavier than hot water.  We did determine that with a bit of food coloring, hot and cold water.  Kind of funny-anything that I call a science experiment makes the kids crazy excited.
  • I worked a bit on supper while everyone watched a bit of tv.  And soon the kids were all brushing their teeth and putting on their clothes.  And within minutes-6 more kids showed up at the house.  Poor Reagan and Campbell though-only one of those was a girl!  
  • The kids played upstairs only stopping to eat when called for a bit.  It was pretty rowdy but there were no injuries or fights (as far as we know).  Then most of them ventured outside and filled the yard.  They swang, played on the wagon, Anderson even got out his bike,  played in the dirt and even a few games of tag.  They concluded the evening with a round of popsicles.  
  • When everyone left, we gave the kids quick showers and then bribed them with ice cream for them to help pick up again.  They are getting to be quite the picker uppers and were back downstairs eating ice cream in just a few minutes.  

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