August 5, 2012

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  • Graham, Campbell and Keaton were all in our bed or on our floor pretty early this morning.  Those three are pretty adamant that they have their milk first thin in the morning so I had to pour everyone's milk since I had neglected to do the dishes last night (as is our normal routine-that meant I had to do the dishes twice a day-not my favorite chore.  Folding laundry-not putting it away-is actually my favorite if you were wondering).
  • Soon everyone was downstairs eating their Sunday morning breakfast of powdered doughnuts.  Keaton and Graham were the only ones who didn't want doughnuts.  Graham had quite a few pancakes and later had 4 cupcakes during Sunday school.  He has become my child that eats more than anyone else-when he eats.
  • It is now a habit-in the middle of church, Anderson leans over to me and asks "is church almost, almost over?"  One of Graham's Sunday school teachers was having their birthday today and they celebrated with cupcakes in his class.  He had made her a birthday card and was so proud to take it into his class this morning.
  • We picked up pizza on the way home and everyone changed into their pjs before eating.  Campbell kept asking "everybody go to bed?" and then in the middle of lunch, she looked at us and asked "who died?"  Hmm, no one died-not real sure what her Sunday school lesson was about today or when she overheard us talking about someone dying.  
  • The kids played well this afternoon and Graham spent most of his time building a fort in the living room.  They asked me for a snack and Reagan suggested that I make a buffet for them in the living room.  A buffet?  Really?  I did throw a few snacky foods on a plate and called it a buffet but she wasn't too pleased with my effort and said that I should have put things in separate bowls.  In my defense, it was their second snack for the afternoon and I was getting ready to leave.  
  • I headed to a meeting at church and Pops came over to see everyone for a few minutes on his way to Beebee and Papaws.  Everyone ate supper and then they all headed upstairs to pick up the toy room.  By the time I made it home, everyone was upstairs in the toy room working on a train track.  They were all playing so perfectly-too bad it was bedtime!  :)

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