August 14, 2012

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  • Anderson was in our bed around 6:30 this morning asking about breakfast.  I told him that it would be sometime after I got out of bed so he went ahead and moved to the toy room.
  • After all of this, I was out of bed a bit earlier than usual and we were eating breakfast just a few minutes after Robby left.  We did some of our school memory work and then all headed to the schoolroom a bit earlier than usual.
  • We breezed through much of school leaving only Anderson's reading book, Reagan's math, flashcards, english and writing and everyone's science and history.  Wow, doesn't seem like we did much of anything!  No worries, we did some science and history this afternoon and Anderson's reading book and Reagan's math were done after showers tonight.  We can't get behind this week because Friday is our day off for Lilly and Cash to come and play!
  • Just as soon as we wrapped up what we were working on, the doorbell rang-Lilly, Cash and Grannymom were all here.  And that meant it was time for Graham and me to leave to meet his teacher for preK.
  • We arrived before 11 since I thought my appointment was at 11 but I guess I had written down the wrong time and we waited until my assigned time at 11:30.  Graham and I played legos while we waited.  He was funny-very clingy and not much to say at all today-completely unlike Graham.  He even sat in my lap while I was talking to Ms. Stacy.  He brought a bulldozer and little man to show her and was so pleased that she gave him a popcorn holder along with some popcorn-which we used this afternoon.
  • Back at home, I fixed lunch for Lilly, Cash and my crew and then they played for a few more minutes.    Soon Kennedy arrived and everyone played for a bit before Grannymom and her crew left.  By this time it was nap time for the little girls and I passed out a snack for the others to eat while listening to science and history.
  • They all played upstairs until Campbell and I checked the mail.  It was so pleasant outside that I mentioned that the kids should go outside to see if they could find the deer tracks from this morning.  They flew down the stairs when they heard that idea.  This morning a momma and 2 baby deer were walking across the yard-Robby and I were downstairs and the kids were in the toy room so everyone was able to see them (Campbell didn't see the babies though-she wasn't happy about that at all).
  • We found no deer tracks but the kids used the dirt pile to play "Cake Boss"-lots of mixing, baking and icing going on with the dirt.  The boys played a bit of baseball and I worked on my computer for a bit.    Keaton sat in the wagon and enjoyed rides from the boys and Campbell.  
  • Once Kennedy left and Robby came home, we had supper and then took a bike ride/walk around the block before eating our popsicles.  While Reagan and Anderson finished some school work after showers, the others "worked" on the toy room.  After it was cleaned, everyone went to bed-they must have been so tired because they didn't make any noise tonight-we need to play outside more often!

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