August 26, 2012

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  • So this morning was church morning and thankfully, I found some chocolate donuts that had gotten hidden in the pantry.  Clothes were on and we were at church at the perfect time (if you remember last week, we walked into our Sunday school class 45 minutes before Sunday school should start and one  mom drops her kid off just as soon as we walked in the door-thus, we did not get there that early today since I am not a babysitter)
  • As we were pulling into the parking lot at church, Reagan said "I love my Sunday school class now.  It is like a dance party.  The lights are flickering all around."  Wow, my first grade Sunday school class was nothing like a dance party-I am a bit jealous.
  • During worship today we had the Lord's Supper so the kids didn't get to partake and this was all very fresh in Graham's mind.  When Robby reviewed the day with the kids, he mentioned that there would be food and drink after church tonight.  Graham remembered that the last time he was at church he didn't get to have any food and drink (Lord's Supper) and quickly asked Robby "is it for the kids too?"  
  • And as we were coming out of church this morning, Reagan asked me why people were raising their hands during worship.  I explained that it was just another way to worship like some people clap, sing or stand up.  She said "Oh, I just thought that all had questions."  So tonight I couldn't look at anyone raising their hands during church or I would start giggling wondering what Reagan thought all of those people were trying to ask.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and Lilly and Cash were there as well.  Reagan was so excited to give Lilly a necklace that her and Nonna had bought while shopping.  And Anderson was beyond excited that Cash had brought his remote control helicopter for them to try out.  Anderson now has one more item on his Christmas list.
  • The afternoon was fairly quick-the little girls fell asleep, Graham eventually did while watching a movie, Reagan snoozed with me for a bit and Robby also took a nap upstairs.  Anderson was the only one who didn't sleep-in a few weeks we will have choir so there will be no more naps for me and the big 3.
  • At church tonight, Campbell walked right into her classroom without fussing.  (Hear the angels singing?)  She must really love her Sunday morning teachers now and I really love that she doesn't fuss.  After church there was another party and Keaton was quite the show-off.  She would put a cup in her mouth and just giggle.  
  • When we all made it home, we had our ice cream truck and the kids did branch out a little more than last week when they all picked the same thing out of 6 different choices.  This week the girls picked one thing and the boys picked another.

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