August 7, 2012

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  • Everyone (even Reagan) was up before 6:30 this morning.  The boys and Reagan all  went straight to the toy room and started playing.  Campbell joined us in bed for a bit and soon even Keaton was up and fussing.  I will have to give everyone an extra does of benedryl tonight.
  • I guess since they all got up a bit too early, they all ended up being a bit fussy.  So much so that when Robby left, he had to give them "I want your momma to give me a good report" warning.  That helped things for about 12 minutes and then things again went downhill.
  • Actually, they were pretty good mostly.  I tell you though, Anderson can just sit at his desk and stare into space forever during the school day.  I finally had to move him to the kitchen table explaining that he had been sitting for 90 minutes and only finished one thing from his box.  Once I moved him to the table, he quickly finished his stuff and then wandered upstairs with Graham.  Graham will finish his stuff but will not go upstairs to play by himself but as soon as Anderson was headed up, he was right on his tail.  
  • As soon as the boys were gone, Reagan and I finished up her stuff in a flash.  Then I called them back down to review our science and then read history.  I had been a bit worried about our difficult looking history book but they all listened (especially the boys-Graham can tell you all about the steamships coming to Japan).  
  • Then it was lunch time and Keaton ate more than anyone else today.  And then she watched me pick up the kitchen as the kids played and then put on their clothes.  Campbell was so excited to wear her new dress from Nonna.  And she was beyond excited when she saw that Keaton was wearing a matching dress.  
  • We all loaded up and went to the library.  Everyone picked out 3 books even though we left with over 20.  I lost count of who had handed me three and who needed to get another one.  And I also had a few waiting on me at the front desk.  The kids were so excited about their books and all sat reading them in the car on our way to see Beebee and Papaws.  Maybe I should take them to the library more often.
  • Everyone was happy to see Beebee and Papaw today and they were doing well.  The kids all hugged everyone and when it was picture time, even Keaton sat happily in everyone's lap.  Graham was so happy to show off his new shoes that Beebee had bought for his birthday.  And Reagan quickly thought of what she wanted Beebee to get her for her birthday (purse and Sunday shoes-hopefully not black since she has at least 3 of those).  I guess the kids did so well because I had packed big cups of lemonade for them to drink on the way home.  And I kept reminding them about that drink waiting for them.
  • Back at home, Keaton and Campbell had their afternoon naps while the others did their chores and created a library out of a UPS box (more diapers-not for Cambpell, buying no more for her).  Soon Robby was home and we had our supper.  Then we all headed outside.
  • The kids swang, chased a frog and not so patiently waited on Robby to finish mowing so they could ride bikes.  Everyone rode well-Reagan did fall twice but caught herself.  And of course, after all of that outside business, we needed popsicles and showers!

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