August 21, 2012

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  • Today was Graham's second day of school-I guess that I hadn't realized that he would have to go to school more than one day a week like Reagan and Anderson.  I mean, I did know that he was going Monday, Tuesday and Thursday but yikes, that is alot of days to go to school.  He though was ready to go this morning and was disappointed when I told him he wasn't going in the morning.
  • Robby took Graham to school this morning after everyone had breakfast.  We made everyone get up and get ready with Graham this morning.  As soon as he left, Reagan and Anderson started school.  We have about 3 hours until it was time to load up and go get G.  
  • Campbell is so funny during school-she has to have her school work as soon as everyone else.  I always have it ready for her in a box but she just picks and chooses what she wants to do and usually finishes before I can open the blinds in the school room.  Keaton, the pencil stealer, keeps herself busy during the school day grabbing anything that she can and trying to crawl to the other side of the room with it in her hands. 
  • We were almost finished with school (just a bit of science left) when we rushed to the car to pick up Graham.  We did leave a bit early so I could read history to everyone while in the car (yes, while they were all buckled in).  But that plan didn't work too well since Reagan said as soon as we left the house that she had to go to the bathroom.  Seriously?  So once at church, I rushed her in to potty and then we ran back to the car without Graham. The others were locked in the car with the air on and yes, I had the keys with me.  Back outside, we entered the pick up line and started on our history reading.  We had almost finished when Graham came to the car so we just pulled into a parking spot and finished reading-I love a captive audience.
  • Back at home, we had lunch and then everyone did a little bit of housework. The boys helped dust, clean sinks and empty drawers for me to clean and Reagan cleaned off a few shelves in her closet.  Campbell managed to get out of work (as usual) and Keaton spent her time practicing her new trick-standing up without holding on to anything.
  • A quiet afternoon around here-playing, a movie, books, naps and then outside.  Robby brought everyone icees home that we enjoyed before supper and then back outside.  We worked on folding up all of the water toys from Friday.  Then it was bike riding time-Graham had to walk since he rode away from us yesterday.  He handled that fairly well.  
  • It was a rather quick walk because it was already late and popsicles and showers were calling the kids names.  After that it was bedtime for all.

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