August 31, 2012

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  • This morning we heard Campbell, Graham and Reagan talking way before 7.  They eventually got quiet and soon Graham came downstairs to tell us that Reagan was getting Campbell out of bed-I told him that was fine and silently did a happy dance.  Later, as Campbell was laying in my bed she also told me that Reagan changed her diaper too.  Now this kind of made me feel bad that Reagan did this but I think she would do anything to get Campbell and everyone else out of her room in the mornings so she can sleep for a few more minutes.
  • So Graham was laying in our bed this morning and took off his shirt because he was hot.  Campbell then took off hers because she was cold.  I told them that when company came this morning he would have to put his shirt back on.  So later when the doorbell rang, he walked to the door while putting his shirt back on-sweet little guy.
  • Thought that sweet little guy quickly turned into a little boy that was having to talk to his Daddy on the phone.  I don't think I have ever called Robby to get on to the kids from work but this was one of those days.  I don't know if Graham was tired, felt left out while Reagan and Kennedy played or just decided that he was going to torment me.  After talking to Robby he calmed a bit and I had him watch a movie for a bit too and that also helped.  But it was pretty dicey most of the morning long.
  • Anderson had spent the morning and night at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  They said that he was the perfect child and was probably enjoying some individual attention.  He did some of his school work including a science experiment at Grannymom's house and had plenty of time to play before Robby picked him up.  He was also so excited to ask me what our science experiment did here-freezing fresh and salt water to see which froze quicker.  He was so happy that his water did the exact same thing that ours did.  
  • Kennedy went home around 3 and we kicked things into high gear around here.  We worked on getting the house ready for tonight, cooking my food and doing school.  We did everything but science, geography and history so I think that is a pretty good day.  
  • Before long people were showing up for our supper get together-the kids were in heaven with Sara Ashley, Lane, Brett, Anna to play with them.  Reagan did even play her first round of truth or dare.  Graham was so tired that he had fallen asleep in our bed before everyone left.  When everyone was leaving, it was raining and the kids all had a blast getting soaking wet-especially Campbell who was still going strong after 10. 
  • Tonight, Anderson did read to Ms. Alicia who teachers kindergarten and he got a thumbs up from her.  Now the child wasn't going to read to her but I did offer him a dollar if he did so he was thrilled to earn his money.  Tonight as we were getting him in to bed he asked Robby what kind of dollar he was going to get, a 20? 

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