August 6, 2012

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  • We were up this morning pretty early getting ready for the first day of "real" school here (Reagan calls Comm Central "real school"-don't know yet if that offends me that school at the house the other 4 days isn't considered real.)  Comm Central started this morning so everyone put on their clothes without much of a fuss.  Anderson did only want to wear the one shirt in his drawer that is too small for him.  I wouldn't let him and he was very upset with me but soon found another shirt that suited him.
  • Graham and Campbell were happy about school today because they weren't going and they were getting to spend the day with Nonna.  I decided to move my Tuesday work day to Monday so our Tuesday's would be a bit calmer and we will be able to get homeschool done in the morning.  Everyone works so much better in the morning (or at least I do!)
  • We took our second round of first day of school pictures for the year and loaded up.  First I dropped off Graham, Campbell and Keaton.  Then even though we were very early, I drove Reagan and Anderson to school.   We hung out in the car while I reminded them of how we act, explained all the things in their bag and Reagan gave Anderson the low down of what all would happen today.  He must have been a bit nervous because he asked twice what all they would do today.
  • We took Reagan to her class first.  Alyssa Kate, Kate and Kennedy all were sitting at the same table as Reagan.  And since Pam and Jodee were in there I felt great about her class this year.  Reagan's class has over 20 but Anderson's class is around 12 or 15.  And as we walked into his class, the teacher greeted him by name.  She probably never saw Anderson since he was in his class last year when she had Reagan but knew the last name.  I asked Anderson if he wanted me to stay a few minutes and he said yes.  I told him I would stay until Owen arrived and as soon as Owen arrived, I could tell he was just fine.  They sat beside each other and Anderson said they played together during the day.
  • After my work and a few minutes at home straightening, I went to Nonna's for lunch and to pick up the kids.  They had had a big morning-play doh, Bible stories, lots of playing, riding bikes and even seeing Pops who got off early.  After lunch, Nonna asked if Graham wanted to spend the afternoon and of course he did.  He had a big afternoon but also took a long nap with Nonna and Pops.  
  • Back at home, the rest of us were also taking a nap.  I decided that since there were only two kids at the house with me and they were both sleeping, it was meant for me to take a nap too-especially since Robby wrote to tell me that he was picking up the others.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to go to sleep being afraid that I would oversleep and leave my two babies on the church parking lot.  
  • Now, on the way home from Nonna and Pops with only Campbell and Keaton in the car was quite a ride.  Campbell was in Graham's car seat and had her taggie.  She put her taggie in Keaton's hands and Keaton was not going to give it back at all.  Campbell asked nicely at first but that didn't work.  Then she told me and I asked nicely for Keaton to give it back.  Then she resorted to shouting at Keaton: "Do you hear me?  Give me my taggie. You hear me?"  Of course that tactic didn't work well either.  I was about to have to pull over to resolve WW3 but thankfully, Keaton swung it back over towards Campbell who was able to grab it.
  • Robby picked up Reagan and Anderson from school.  I think they had a good day.  Reagan came home with a bag of goldfish crackers saying that she was "o-fish-ally a first grader."  She liked art the best even though they didn't make anything today.  She completed a map which I need to get out of her bag along with a another worksheet.   
  • Anderson saw Reagan during assembly and briefly passed her on the playground.  He said that they colored a picture in the science notebook and that he didn't like the green beans I sent him for lunch.  Also some one gave him some chips today so that made him very happy.  During rest time, he only takes a beach towel to lay on and it was rolled perfectly in his bag this afternoon-I asked if he did his teacher rolled it up and he said that he did-doubtful.  I was expecting it to be just shoved in the back pack.  Anderson also worked in his handwriting book and made a fox picture.  
  • Reagan and Anderson joined Keaton and Campbell who had just woken up from their naps at the table to eat an afterschool snack.  Then they settled into a movie and a quick round of chores before we headed to Nonna's for our delayed Sunday lunch.  Pops was working yesterday so we moved lunch to tonight.  
  • Graham was happy to see everyone and we all ate our spaghetti and then the kids went out to play.  The girls came in before they were too sweaty so they were able to skip baths but the boys played nerf guns with the neighbor until they were stinky and had to have their baths.  After their baths they watched some of the Olympics for awhile before we had to head home.
  • The kids are pretty wound up as they are usually on school days.  But they have finally calmed down and are about all asleep.  First day of Comm Central which adds to our count 9 days of school for this school year.

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