August 15, 2012

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  • Keaton was the first one up this morning which is quite odd-she did have a pretty messy diaper which actually called for Robby to get up and get in the shower so Keaton could get a quick wash with him. Later I saw that the boys were already up and playing in the toy room-no telling how long they had been up.  I guess they could have been up since the middle of the night.  
  • It didn't take too long to start our morning and after everyone emptying their assigned trash cans this morning (tomorrow is trash day) we moved on to school.  By 11, Reagan only had a few things left and we all stared on some group work.  We did all make a moon which revolved around the earth which revolved around the sun little craft.  Tonight they were all so proud to show what they had made to Robby and then impressed him with naming all of the planets in order.
  • Next up was lunch and reading a few stories.  The kids always tickle me-Reagan and Anderson want me to keep reading whatever I am reading.  This morning it was one of our Bible story books (which is a bit deep for them) and at lunch it was Little House in the Big Woods (which I think is a bit boring-sorry).  Finally, we did keep reading a Magic Tree House (just my speed-but not Grahams.  They are a bit too intense for him and scare him a bit).
  • Everyone worked together to quickly straighten the house and then they played in the toy room while the little girls slept.  Soon Keaton was up and we finished out our Olympic medal chart (just a few days late) and then went upstairs to read a few stories.  
  • It was almost 5, when we made it outside after picking up the toy room.  They all went straight to the dirt pile and started working-first they were again playing Cake Boss and then bulldozers were brought outside and they were moving "apples."  Robby showed up with supper (it has been a bit since we have been to the store so it is slim pickings here).  
  • We ate on the picnic table and then headed out for a bike ride.  Anderson gets tired pretty quick and will hop off and push his bike (like that is any easier).  Most of our walk is on a slight incline but Reagan really enjoys riding and even did another loop while the boys rode back with me.  On our way, a neighbor rode past us with his dog following him cause the boys to nearly wet themselves and Campbell was beside herself as well.  
  • Thankfully, everyone did make it home in one piece and we had our nightly popsicles before showers.  The kids played pretty perfectly even though it was bedtime so we let them stay up a bit longer than usual....they played better until Campbell knocked down Reagan and Anderson's lincoln log houses which caused many, many, very unnecessary tears.

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