August 22, 2012

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  • Around midnight Campbell started coughing (she had been a bit yesterday) along with a bit of fever so we just brought her to bed with us.  That child tossed, turned, moaned, groaned, coughed, hacked, whimpered and made noises all night long.  So much so that Robby quickly headed to the couch and I woke up multiple times during the night and some how even ended up with a crick in my neck.  
  • Campbell must make that much racket every night because everyone else even slept in a bit and weren't even awake when Robby left for work.  I was a bit worried about her this morning-after not eating any breakfast she laid in the living room for almost 30 minutes.  The boys knew she didn't feel good-got her a pillow, covered her up, brought down her blanket and doggie.  And just about as soon as I thought I would call about a doctors appointment, she got up, took off her clothes and shouted at the boys "want to see my body?"  Yes, this is what I deal with every single day.  A lady at church tonight volunteered to take some work home with her and said "I'm just a stay at home mom."  Just a stay at home mom?  She doesn't have a Campbell.
  • Let's see, we did breakfast and then school.  I even convinced Campbell to rest for a bit when Keaton took her morning nap.  The kids did fine at school and everyone really seems to enjoy geography and science.  And I am really liking them too-at first I had worried about science being too much but Comm central has broken it down into manageable pieces.  We even watched a few videos about whales today.  Now to figure out how history can be more fun because right now it is over all of our heads.  
  • We then had lunch and lots of playing-the kids played with the tents, then made a tent, watched a movie, read some of our magic tree house book (we are on book 7-only 38 more to go-oh my goodness!  My goal was to finish them this year-will we make it?)  Before too long, it was time for supper and time for me to go to church for a Cubbie meeting.  
  • Robby finished up supper with the kids and then they went outside to play.  A long bike ride-until Graham saw a dog and leaped/fell off of his bike.  Robby thought he had initially broken his leg but he was just fine without any cuts or scratches.  
  • They had showers and then I made it home to help tuck everyone into bed.  As I was tucking Anderson in he leaned in to tell me that he had 3 popsicles tonight.  He said that Daddy let him have another one since everyone else had gone inside.  They all did have popsicles but only 2 each-another Dennie boy story.  
  • Campbell started off having a rocky night and began her newish trick of screaming "I'm scared."  She doesn't know what being scared is all about so that is pretty frustrating to us.  She calmed down eventually and is hopefully now asleep.

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